Contemporary Pavilion House in Buli, New South Wales, designed by Alex Urena Design Studio

Contemporary Pavilion House in Buli, New South Wales, designed by Alex Urena Design Studio

Architects: Alex Urena Design Studio
Location: Bulli, New South Wales, Australia
Year: 2015
Area: 4,219 ft²/ 392 m²
Photo courtesy: Alex Olguin

With direct hedge sees, the site is stupendous, however an extremely convoluted one. The entrance is through the back and slants down from that point towards the shrubbery, however albeit huge in range, it has a decent number of easements and confinement limits in addition to a flame track running crosswise over it from side to side implying that the genuine building envelope was little and muddled.


As a mixed family with adolescent children heading into adulthood, their brief was altogether different: they needed a house split in structures were it is conceivable to have isolate however interconnected ranges. Both of the proprietors do shift work and “recuperation corners” were key.


With a site with awesome viewpoint towards the bramble and tall shelters, in addition to the structure segment and their brief, it was an incredible edge to plan something else, tending to their way of life through design and furnishing a steady adjust with the environment.


Plan Solution:

We utilized and fuse the site’s conditions to the task. The considerable vicinity of the trees and incline assumed a vital part. It begins with a focal open yard with a pool and porch straight after in the wake of experiencing a “section” unattached divider.


The open patio is limited by a segregated carport and an uproar room on one side and the principle structure with living zones in the other bringing the view of the hedge covering over the whole house.


The complete front façade of the top structure can be opened towards the overhang bringing the bramble “right to the center of the parlor”. Because of sitting and slant, when the house achieves the farthest point far from the section, all zones are at covering level. The configuration’s mass volume and elements addresses precisely that. Underneath, the second structure runs opposite with all rooms and ensuites in a state of harmony with the shrubbery and perspectives.


The Pavilion House conveyed a chance to plan taking into account on an exceptional brief, as well as to outline in view of the sync between the proposed living arrangement and the shrubbery before it. The way that the house identifies with the hedge and the other way around from essentially every corner is the principle part of the venture.


As planners we have a major obligation by they way we influence the scene. Houses will be manufactured and individuals are going to connect with its surroundings, however we need to plan them in a way that the connection keeps its amicability paying little mind to the compositional vicinity of a building.

contemporary-pavilion-house-in-buli-new-south-wales-designed-by-alex-urena-design-studio-08 contemporary-pavilion-house-in-buli-new-south-wales-designed-by-alex-urena-design-studio-09 contemporary-pavilion-house-in-buli-new-south-wales-designed-by-alex-urena-design-studio-10 contemporary-pavilion-house-in-buli-new-south-wales-designed-by-alex-urena-design-studio-11 contemporary-pavilion-house-in-buli-new-south-wales-designed-by-alex-urena-design-studio-12 contemporary-pavilion-house-in-buli-new-south-wales-designed-by-alex-urena-design-studio-13 contemporary-pavilion-house-in-buli-new-south-wales-designed-by-alex-urena-design-studio-14 contemporary-pavilion-house-in-buli-new-south-wales-designed-by-alex-urena-design-studio-15 contemporary-pavilion-house-in-buli-new-south-wales-designed-by-alex-urena-design-studio-16 contemporary-pavilion-house-in-buli-new-south-wales-designed-by-alex-urena-design-studio-17 contemporary-pavilion-house-in-buli-new-south-wales-designed-by-alex-urena-design-studio-18 contemporary-pavilion-house-in-buli-new-south-wales-designed-by-alex-urena-design-studio-19 contemporary-pavilion-house-in-buli-new-south-wales-designed-by-alex-urena-design-studio-20 contemporary-pavilion-house-in-buli-new-south-wales-designed-by-alex-urena-design-studio-21 contemporary-pavilion-house-in-buli-new-south-wales-designed-by-alex-urena-design-studio-22 contemporary-pavilion-house-in-buli-new-south-wales-designed-by-alex-urena-design-studio-23 contemporary-pavilion-house-in-buli-new-south-wales-designed-by-alex-urena-design-studio-24 contemporary-pavilion-house-in-buli-new-south-wales-designed-by-alex-urena-design-studio-25

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