LIAG architects designed M House in The Hague

LIAG architects designed M House in The Hague

Architects: LIAG architects
Location: The Hague, The Netherlands
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: Ben Aarts

LIAG has composed a supportable private manor for a customer. The configuration comprises of a particular system, completed in Western Red Cedar cladding, that contains the distinctive elements of the building.


The kitchen and swimming pool structure two volumes that jut out on either side of this system. In the frontyard the fundamental volume coasts over a rising scene of Marram grass. The exterior steps back to make space for a breakfast yard with a fantastic perspective of the inland dispatching in the ever-bustling channel. The porch at the back structures an augmentation to the family room, associated by means of sweeping coated sliding entryways.


Using versatile hanging cupboards as room dividers the manor has a wide assortment of alternatives for inside change, giving it variable plans and air. Along these lines the kitchen can be totally isolated from the living range additionally associated with serve as an open kitchen. The same goes for the study room. It can be a piece of the living territory to make an incomprehensible open space, or can be isolated when required.


Creating so as to stop is made simple and helpful a garage underneath the primary floor to permit direct access to the house. The lower floor suits a film, stockpiling territories and visitor rooms.


The warming and cooling is given by an Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage framework. The estate has request controlled ventilation. The swimming pool has a different warming establishment utilizing a warmth pump framework. The manor is additionally planned with 78 sun oriented boards on the rooftop for a reasonable supply of power. By giving them a 10-degree edge the boards are not unmistakable from the road.

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