Cape Tribulation Eco House M3 architecture

Cape Tribulation Eco House M3 architecture

Architects: M3 architecture
Location: Cape Tribulation, Queensland, Australia
Year: 2013
Photo courtesy: Peter Bennetts

This house is off-network in the Daintree Rainforest, near the shoreline at Cape Tribulation. This is an old biological community meriting a touchy way to deal with site. The configuration highlights characteristics of the rainforest combined with qualities of occasion life at the shoreline.


A way composes the site and choreographs a voyage from the street, through the thick rainforest vegetation and down to the shoreline. Along the way, a consistent white rope arranges and energetically drives the path through the scene and house, performing deeds of home life along the way: a door, a balustrade, a towel rail, a light shade and backing for a loft.


The house is situated along the way in a characteristic clearing, maintaining a strategic distance from any experienced tree evacuation. The outside of the house is disguised with dark plastic cladding and reflected glass, permitting it to subside into the shadow of the rainforest shelter. On methodology, the inside of the house gets to be clear: a light space clad with plywood, a counterpoint to the generally cool, dull green of the rainforest encompasses. These spaces connect with the rainforest shade by means of tall south-bound windows and a dull blue roof closer view is utilized to attract the rainforest overhang.

Cape-Tribulation-Eco-House-M3-architecture-03 Cape-Tribulation-Eco-House-M3-architecture-04 Cape-Tribulation-Eco-House-M3-architecture-05 Cape-Tribulation-Eco-House-M3-architecture-06 Cape-Tribulation-Eco-House-M3-architecture-07 Cape-Tribulation-Eco-House-M3-architecture-08 Cape-Tribulation-Eco-House-M3-architecture-09 Cape-Tribulation-Eco-House-M3-architecture-10 Cape-Tribulation-Eco-House-M3-architecture-11 Cape-Tribulation-Eco-House-M3-architecture-12 Cape-Tribulation-Eco-House-M3-architecture-13 Cape-Tribulation-Eco-House-M3-architecture-14 Cape-Tribulation-Eco-House-M3-architecture-15 Cape-Tribulation-Eco-House-M3-architecture-16 Cape-Tribulation-Eco-House-M3-architecture-17 Cape-Tribulation-Eco-House-M3-architecture-18 Cape-Tribulation-Eco-House-M3-architecture-19 Cape-Tribulation-Eco-House-M3-architecture-20 Cape-Tribulation-Eco-House-M3-architecture-21 Cape-Tribulation-Eco-House-M3-architecture-22 Cape-Tribulation-Eco-House-M3-architecture-23 Cape-Tribulation-Eco-House-M3-architecture-24 Cape-Tribulation-Eco-House-M3-architecture-25 Cape-Tribulation-Eco-House-M3-architecture-26 Cape-Tribulation-Eco-House-M3-architecture-27 Cape-Tribulation-Eco-House-M3-architecture-28 Cape-Tribulation-Eco-House-M3-architecture-29

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