The Moscow House of Architect Alexey Ilyin

The Moscow House of Architect Alexey Ilyin

Architects: Alexey Ilyin
Location: Moscow, Russia
Year: 2015
Area: 2,260 ft²/ 210 m²
Photo courtesy: Dmitry Chebanenko

Outside of Moscow in the Pushkin locale Alexey Ilyin has constructed a private house for himself and his family.The cabin is made totally of wood, and the characteristic independence of this material got to be one of the key subjects of the outline.


The bungalow’s format is fit as a fiddle of a stretched rectangle, and the draftsman has put it across and amidst the rectangular plot, mishap from the wall at the base separation managed by principles. Thusly, the ten sections of land are outwardly part into two non commonly subordinate regions: a little front greenhouse and a yard in the back. Confronting the bungalow is a little visitor house and a clean device shed disguised by a wall.


The primary house has two stories, however from the dominant part of viewpoints this can’t be seen. This is because of the way that the greater part of the top-level regions are enlightened by bay windows, while the slant of the peak rooftop is insignificant. Under the shade on the fundamental veneer, the totally clear wooden surfaces are outwardly striking after entering the plot of area, and much all the more so from the road, making a sentiment a completely withdrawn volume.


Additionally amplifying this picture are the shades, which for all windows are produced using the same wood as the veneers, and painted in the same light dark shading. The screens cozily shut all openings. In such an encased structure the house would have resembled a flawless parallelepiped, notwithstanding the patios at both its closures and the profound square specialty of the principle enchant (the coated entryway likewise has shades).


The inside design of the house is worked along the convergence of two tomahawks: set longitudinally are the family room and studio, every confronting its own patio, and across is the passageway lobby and the staircase situated before it. Specifically inverse the front entryway the planner put a little window watching out into the patio nursery: even from the road this compelling review opening is obviously unmistakable.


The topics of a monochrome outline for the veneers and the openness/closeness was fastidiously created by Alexey Ilyin in every one of the insides of his home also. There is no bureau furniture, just implicit, serving as a visual continuation of the dividers. This system took into consideration the even very humble in size rooms to seem roomy, while underscoring to the best impact the measurements of the lounge and studio.


The designer himself concedes that the most troublesome part in the viable usage of this outline was joining the sheets of the dividers, floor, and roof without utilizing customary attaching corners which are regarded fundamental for moldings, boards and cornices of any wooden inside. In this house every single such intersection have been dealt with the utilization of uniquely arranged calculated bars. With respect to the inside’s palette, the completing in every one of the rooms is the same dim (just a couple shades lighter than the one utilized for the exteriors), filling in as an immaculate setting for the uncommon hued accents, for example, the orange lounge chair or the yellow window box.

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