Contemporary GG House by Elías Rizo Arquitectos

Contemporary GG House by Elías Rizo Arquitectos

Architects: Elías Rizo Arquitectos
Location: Tapalpa, Jalisco, Mexico
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: Marcos García

The venture for GG House rose up out of an extremely specific commission. Our customer, a moderately aged unhitched male, needed to assemble a weekend house in a clearing in a woods, on a property on a mountain. Notwithstanding the geological conditions, we found that the task included bizarre necessities regarding security, which permitted a more open relationship between the spaces and the earth.


The house is situated on a precarious landscape disregarding a plain in the middle of mountains and the Colima well of lava out there, unmistakable over the highest points of the oaks. The rough geology was a deciding variable in the format of the task; it was outlined on a progression of patios cut into the slope and connected by a crisscross way.


The property is gotten to from the most astounding point. The vehicles go along a way that cuts the slant downhill towards a carport that sits on a middle of the road porch and sinks into the slope, encircled by a stone entrance. The top of the house, the principal exterior that faces the guest, is seen between trees as an uncovered solid piece secured with rock, and uncovers the broken profile of the building.


From the carport emerges a staircase made of rectangular stone chunks of variable measurements, from a floor covering of rock that alludes to the rooftop and appears to propose that the building is an expulsion of the area itself. Right then and there, the front exterior of the house is uncovered, lined with a lacquered steel plate which will age at impulse, similar to whatever remains of the materials. After some time, the plate will lose its gloss and will oxidize, changing similarly its environment do, and will leave a trail of oxide on the stone that will in the long run be mistaken for red earth, exceptionally normal for the area.


The system of the house was planned in a rectangular arrangement that is embedded into one of the openings in the ground. The subsequent volume is a crystal sitting with deference on the ground, arranged transversely to the slant of the slope and uncovering its longest side towards the perspective. We chose to make an intonation at about the focal point of the volume, in the passage space, to make a break in the rooftop, to break with the lengthened extents of the building. In arrangement, the signal of the break is rehashed on the north side to permit a more abundant porch neglecting the Colima spring of gushing lava.


The passageway entryway crosses the building and breaks it into two equivalent squares. Toward the end of the west square there is a patio clad in cumarú, suspended over the ground, and associated with the main room through a window. Whatever is left of the project incorporates two visitor rooms, every one with its own restroom, a visitor lavatory and clothing zone. The square east of the passageway houses the front room, lounge area and kitchen; all in one vast space that is associated by means of retractable window boards, a rooftop patio that mirrors the outside at the flip side and seems to drift over the ground.

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