Singular, Crossed House in La Alcayna by Clavel Arquitectos

Singular, Crossed House in La Alcayna by Clavel Arquitectos

Architects: Clavel Arquitectos
Location: La Alcayna, Murcia, Spain
Year: 2013
Area: 2,497 ft²/ 232 m²
Photo courtesy: David Frutos Ruiz

On a site in the higher part of a private zone in the environs of Murcia is found the solitary, crossed house with perspectives to the neighboring mountains, the “Sierra de la Pila” and “Valle del Ricote”. From the equivocalness, being on a site of a future thickly developed zone and in the meantime making the most of today’s top notch perspectives, was conceived the thought of the task: to orientate the lower level of the house to the greenery enclosure’s closeness and award to the client at the unrivaled level the enjoyment of its perspectives considering future illumination and the impact of sun powered radiation.


This reasonable setup is emerged by a geometrical operation, the revolution of two components, as though it were two development toy hinders that are stacked and took care of effectively. The stacked elongated volumes, of a length of 20m and a profundity of around 5m, are turned by 35 degrees so that the extremes orientate to the most supported perspectives and create in the meantime cantilevers of around 10m length.


These cantilevers, together with the revolution between both volumes, give the vital sun assurance of the exterior and pool living arrangement.


The expressive force of this formal arrangement, exceptionally basic on a fundamental level, is further upgraded by an unpretentious qualification between the two volumes: the edges are adjusted by introduction of the primary openings of every level strengthening along these lines the independent way of the volumes. Accordingly, on the ground floor adjusted transversal edges outline the enormous opening toward the southeast, upstairs such treatment is connected to the longitudinal edges surrounding the perspectives of the rooms at every end of the volume. This likewise obviously lessens the contact surface between the two stacked volumes and fortifies the elongated way of their geometrical structure.


The contact to the ground is unraveled utilizing again the same component of turn. This time a third, covered volume relating to the pool deck turns as for the two volumes of the house to determine the move between greenery enclosure ground and abiding.


The surface’s treatment of the solid volumes gives a balance between the outside with an unpleasant completion made by a covering of sand impacted pine strips and an inside of smooth completions.

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