Small apartment in the historical center of Kiev designed for one person

Small apartment in the historical center of Kiev designed for one person

Architects: Ivan Yunakov
Location: Kiev, Ukraine
Year: 2015
Area: 527 ft²/ 49 m²
Photo courtesy: Oleg Stelmakh

“Small apartment in the historical center of Kiev. The apartment is designed for one person. Initially the room had an area of 35m2 (376 ft2), but after the redevelopment, because of the high ceilings 3.9m (41ft), failed to add an entresol. As a result, apartment became 49m2 (527 ft2), functional and comfortable.


1st floor is an entrance hall, bathroom, cloakroom, lounge with kitchen and balcony. On the 2nd (entresol) bedroom and 2 wardrobes.


The interior is made in a soft loft with colored textiles.”

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