Glass and Concrete H House by Wiel Arets Architects

Glass and Concrete H House by Wiel Arets Architects

Architects: Wiel Arets Architects
Location: Maastricht, The Netherlands
Year: 2009
Area: 130 sqm
Photo courtesy: João Morgado (winter), Jan Bitter (summer)

The H House was intended for a couple – an artist and a performer, both of whom are additionally scene modelers. Behind the house, and situated on the property, is a little formal patio nursery, which is once in a while open to people in general.


The house is made out of two solid sections wrapped with an all glass veneer of differing degrees of straightforwardness, some obscure and others not. Furthermore, some of these straightforward veneer components can be opened totally, making huge and continuous perspectives to the outside, and the formal greenery enclosure. The inside of the house is organized to shape a particular space like space, with a focal mezzanine. Two littler and autonomous volumes – the passage and the lavatory – are adjoining organized to the principle volume, with the restroom cantilevering out and over the ground floor, and the passageway volume on the ground floor developing past the second story volume, which makes a patio above.


Containing no auxiliary dividers, just a couple of rectangular sections bolster the basic chunks, which have been situated to minimize their effect on the inside space. Every single other divider, whether interior or outer, comprise of glass. The stair of the house is an autonomous sculptural item inside of this space like setting, delivering a quality of fervor and anticipation inside of, while prompting the first floor above. The required scope of security coveted by the proprietors can be controlled with a progression of drapes that can be drawn, to coolly and carefully characterize ‘inside rooms’ on both levels of the house. All lighting and lavatory apparatuses are a piece of the ALESSI Il Bagno dOt arrangement, which is additionally planned by Wiel Arets Architects.


The blend of straightforward and dark glass, and in addition the sliding and altered bit of the façade, makes various distinctive conceivable reactions to the changing of the seasons and the blurring of sunshine. The spaces of the house are suffused with extravagance because of the layering of this unadorned arrangement, the blend of materials and the innumerable conceivable varieties in their use.

Glass-and-Concrete-H-House-01 Glass-and-Concrete-H-House-02-0 Glass-and-Concrete-H-House-02-1 Glass-and-Concrete-H-House-02-2 Glass-and-Concrete-H-House-02-3 Glass-and-Concrete-H-House-02-4 Glass-and-Concrete-H-House-02 Glass-and-Concrete-H-House-03 Glass-and-Concrete-H-House-04 Glass-and-Concrete-H-House-05 Glass-and-Concrete-H-House-06-1 Glass-and-Concrete-H-House-06 Glass-and-Concrete-H-House-12 Glass-and-Concrete-H-House-13 Glass-and-Concrete-H-House-14 Glass-and-Concrete-H-House-21 Glass-and-Concrete-H-House-22 Glass-and-Concrete-H-House-23 Glass-and-Concrete-H-House-24

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