Modern residential building situated on a hillside in Pforzheim with magnificent panoramic views

Modern residential building situated on a hillside in Pforzheim with magnificent panoramic views

Location: Pforzheim, Germany
Year: 2016
Area: 4.521 ft²/ 420 m²
Photo courtesy: Eric Kemnitz

“The modern residential building is situated on a hillside in Pforzheim (Germany). The elevated position generates a magnificent panoramic view. This is why the hillside frontage is generously vitrified with room-high elements. The superimposed storeys are screwed against each other in order to adjust optimally to the sun and the panoramic view. Expressive overhangs are giving a sculptural character to the building. The front view of the building is designed with a material mix: the natural stone elements around the front door are creating a harmonic combination with the modern architecture.


The family enters the building on the main floor (street level) by a individually designed entrance hall with a wardrobe as a cabinet work. The sections Cooking/Dining/Living are arranged in a open structure to the hillside. In the center of the living area a individually designed fireplace can be found. The interior is completed by a horizontal bookshelf system ( The lavatory on the main floor is decorated with a photo wall, showing a birch wood forest.


The parent’s bedrooms are located on the the upper floor with a impressive roof terrace. The children space is situated downstairs (garden level) with 3 rooms and a additional Guest Suite. The children have direct access to the hillside pool terrace.”

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