Courtyard House by DeForest Architects

Courtyard House by DeForest Architects

Architects: DeForest Architects
Location: Seattle, Washington, USA
Photo courtesy: Benjamin Benschneider

The owners of this waterfront home asked DeForest Architects to design a welcoming modern home with a seamless connection between indoors and out, a warm and elegant material palette, and “a view of Mount Rainier at our feet.” Squeezed between a narrow private lane and the lake, the main challenge was to create a sense of privacy and retreat while making the most of expansive views.


DeForest Architects responded with a main floor that flows from private entry courtyard through the great room and out to a series of waterfront entertaining spaces. Floor-to-ceiling lift-slide doors and hidden steel structure maximize the sense of openness. At the same time, the house is warm and welcoming thanks to a weathered limestone floor, fir ceiling, oak and walnut cabinets, and comfortable furniture with clean lines.


At the upper level, a band of channel glass running the length of the house affords privacy while admitting natural light and providing glimpses of the courtyard and a green roof. Each of the four bedrooms has a view of the lake and private deck and the guest bath and laundry are daylit by floor-to-ceiling channel glass.

Courtyard-House-03 Courtyard-House-04 Courtyard-House-05 Courtyard-House-06 Courtyard-House-07 Courtyard-House-08 Courtyard-House-09 Courtyard-House-10 Courtyard-House-11 Courtyard-House-12 Courtyard-House-13 Courtyard-House-14 Courtyard-House-15 Courtyard-House-16

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