Whistler Residence by Battersby Howat Architects

Whistler Residence by Battersby Howat Architects

Architects: Battersby Howat Architects
Location: Whistler, British Columbia, Canada
Photo courtesy: Sama Jim Canzian

Situated in a Whistler neighborhood most of the way up the mountainside, this house was intended for customers who welcomed the timber structures normal for a Whistler Chalet, yet wanted a remarkable family home for seven that would catch this vibe without its commonplace association and stylish.


Arranged on a noticeable site, the visual mass of the structure was lessened by making a significant part of the house seem, by all accounts, to be beneath grade however the vital evacuation of bedrock, and by the augmentation of the lounge room porch over the carport. An upper yard deck region was likewise cut into the massing to accumulate light halfway into the house. The outcome is a home that looks misleadingly humble in connection to the neighboring properties.


The cautious distribution of system takes into consideration retreat zones for both grown-ups and kids on the highest and lower floor levels separately. Security is likewise accomplished through altered perspectives from inside of the home that catch the numerous far off mountain crests alongside the quickness of the stone and vegetation that install the house in its site.


Standing crease metal material and dark recolored shingles clad the principle type of the structure. Conversely, recessed ranges are lined with clear completed red cedar, douglas fir pillars and expansive planes of coating that bring warmth and light into the inside spaces.

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