Reconstruction of a Villa in Ljuta by Enforma Studio

Reconstruction of a Villa in Ljuta by Enforma Studio

Architects: Enforma Studio
Location: Ljuta, Montenegro
Year: 2014
Area: 230 sqm
Photo courtesy: Relja Ivanic

As a witnesses of strict standards in preservation of the conventional structures in Kotor Bay, which is Unesco secured range, we chose to maintain a strategic distance from anticipated that arrangements and would acquire contemporary methodology resuscitating of the inside building design of the old stone house in Ljuta town. This intertwining of the customary standards and present day needs conveyed another life to the building which exist from XIX century.


We set out to make a lavish living arrangement from the current house whilst in the meantime making so as to stick to protection conditions negligible mediations to the conventional, rococo components of the outside.


We began by mapping out units of space, ambients, as a premise for improvement of the idea. This treatment of inside space empowered us to take a more liberated way to deal with the recreation of the house. We partitioned the inner space into three unmistakable zones: zone one – dozing zone, zone two – focal display, zone three – chimney territory and youngsters’ room.


The focal exhibition is the liquid space that characterizes these zones by giving a vertical division of the left and right sides of the building and also a visual association of the levels. To make this impact we needed to dematerialise the associations between the sides of the building (as appeared in the photo?) which we accomplished by planning an extension and staircase built from glass and steel.


The right half of the building is practically more mind boggling than the dozing territory. It comprises of a family room on the ground floor, a chimney range and a kids’ room. The chimney region is connected by a glass extension to whatever is left of the space with a glass allotment divider to the side. The little girl’s room is lined with wooden boards and is situated at the exceptionally top of the house, totally isolate from alternate rooms. The parlor and chimney range are free spaces while in the meantime being open, outwardly associated parts of the entire house. Interestingly the kids’ room is composed as a different home inside of a home drawing on the motivation of a customary kid’s treehouse.


We played with cutting edge and conventional components and normal materials to give those in the house a chance to appreciate the current ‘spirit’of an old stone building while satisfying the stylish and practical necessities of a present day way of life. The conventional staircase on the ground floor, the created iron fittings and the blend of steel with stone and mortar dividers were vital to this. The primary idea was to exhibit a ‘materialised’building binding together the components of stone, glass, wood and steel.

Reconstruction-of-a-Villa-in-Ljuta-06 Reconstruction-of-a-Villa-in-Ljuta-07 Reconstruction-of-a-Villa-in-Ljuta-08 Reconstruction-of-a-Villa-in-Ljuta-09 Reconstruction-of-a-Villa-in-Ljuta-10 Reconstruction-of-a-Villa-in-Ljuta-11 Reconstruction-of-a-Villa-in-Ljuta-12 Reconstruction-of-a-Villa-in-Ljuta-13 Reconstruction-of-a-Villa-in-Ljuta-14 Reconstruction-of-a-Villa-in-Ljuta-15 Reconstruction-of-a-Villa-in-Ljuta-16 Reconstruction-of-a-Villa-in-Ljuta-17 Reconstruction-of-a-Villa-in-Ljuta-18 Reconstruction-of-a-Villa-in-Ljuta-19

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