S&S Summer House by Besonias Almeida Arquitectos

S&S Summer House by Besonias Almeida Arquitectos

Architects: Besonias Almeida Arquitectos
Location: Costa Esmeralda, Pinamar, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Year: 2015
Area: 1.647sqft / 153 sqm
Photo courtesy: Gustavo Sosa Pinilla

The place

Costa Esmeralda is a private endeavor on the ridges of the shore of Buenos Aires, 390 km from the city of Buenos Aires. This is a late improvement with a youthful acacia and pine trees afforestation with a couple united timberland areas.


The parcel to intercede is situated in a rise with a tender slant to the road and a more prominent slant towards the base. This region additionally has a plenitude of trees of youthful sea pines. So that, if the vegetation is protected, anything fabricated in whatever is left of the part will be presented to serious sun and waterfront winds.


The commission

The solicitation was a house with a tasteful useful proposition like those implicit the backwoods of Mar Azul, esteemed by principals both for its formal somberness and the low upkeep required.


The house would be possessed for the most part in the late spring by a family with three offspring of diverse ages. It ought to have a liberal space to create normal exercises, with a kitchen outwardly incorporated to it, and an open air extension that would permit the pleasure in the backwoods. It needed to have three rooms, one with private lavatory and changing area and the other two prepared to get possible visitors. Every one of the rooms must be created on one level.


The proposal

The house shows up as a solitary volume penetrated by a patio that really shrouds an association into two unmistakable areas by its utilization and, to suit to the ridge, they are set with a distinction of 0.45 m hid abroad at the stature of the edge bars. These two parts are joined by a smooth incline that crosses the partition and by a solid pergola with a solid vicinity.


The most private area of the house is situated in the front that is shielded from the NW sun and from the road sees by a structure of Quebracho sleepers, set upright and with an irregular musicality. The social part and the porch development are situated in direct connection to the trees that possesses the whole back of the parcel, additionally in contact with the passageway patio. This space gets to be hero of the proposition for its vital area and the spatial lavishness that includes the pergola with distinctive arrangements of lights and shadows that the sun’s way creates for the duration of the day.

S-S-Summer-House-by-Besonias-Almeida-arquitectos-06 S-S-Summer-House-by-Besonias-Almeida-arquitectos-07 S-S-Summer-House-by-Besonias-Almeida-arquitectos-08 S-S-Summer-House-by-Besonias-Almeida-arquitectos-09 S-S-Summer-House-by-Besonias-Almeida-arquitectos-10 S-S-Summer-House-by-Besonias-Almeida-arquitectos-11 S-S-Summer-House-by-Besonias-Almeida-arquitectos-12 S-S-Summer-House-by-Besonias-Almeida-arquitectos-13 S-S-Summer-House-by-Besonias-Almeida-arquitectos-14 S-S-Summer-House-by-Besonias-Almeida-arquitectos-15 S-S-Summer-House-by-Besonias-Almeida-arquitectos-16 S-S-Summer-House-by-Besonias-Almeida-arquitectos-17 S-S-Summer-House-by-Besonias-Almeida-arquitectos-18 S-S-Summer-House-by-Besonias-Almeida-arquitectos-19 S-S-Summer-House-by-Besonias-Almeida-arquitectos-20 S-S-Summer-House-by-Besonias-Almeida-arquitectos-21 S-S-Summer-House-by-Besonias-Almeida-arquitectos-22 S-S-Summer-House-by-Besonias-Almeida-arquitectos-23 S-S-Summer-House-by-Besonias-Almeida-arquitectos-24 S-S-Summer-House-by-Besonias-Almeida-arquitectos-25 S-S-Summer-House-by-Besonias-Almeida-arquitectos-26 S-S-Summer-House-by-Besonias-Almeida-arquitectos-27

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