Opulent design of F+W House by DP+HS Architects

Opulent design of F+W House by DP+HS Architects

Architects: DP+HS Architects
Location: Jakarta, Indonesia
Year: 2014
Photo courtesy: Mario Wibowo, DP+HS Architects

This 3 story undertaking is situated in an extravagant local location in North Jakarta, Indonesia. The site itself is situated in circular drive which is a deadlock street with an interesting molded site. The building mass that happens is comprised of 4 unique hub which is the result of site’s remaking endeavors that is finished by Don Pieto and Henny Suwardi of DP + HS Architects.


With an aggregate of 8 individuals living in this house, the space program required is very thick if contrasted and the aggregate range accessible. In this way, to improve the utilization of space, the mass is split, and the rooms are set on both sides. The center region is changed to a level and vertical dissemination passage; that way, the territory on both sides can be augmented as rooms. The focal hallway is matched with a long void that actually parts the mass of the building. At that point, a glass rooftop is put on top of it as a sky facing window which serves to attract the light up to the ground floor. This is done to channel the light all through the room from morning to late evening. Air outlets are put beneath the glass rooftop to draw the warm let some circulation into of the building and trigger the cross-ventilation. An emerging result from utilizing a long void, which serves as the light wellspring of this building, is that each short scaffold which join the two masses needs to utilize overlaid glass material reliably to permit the light entering this building to achieve the ground floor.


Current contemporary configuration is interpreted in the individual spaces. Every room is composed contrastingly with a considerable measure of varieties in the example application furthermore in the utilization of materials, to meet the house proprietor’s character. Diverse room experience is displayed along the flow hall. The long void zone coordinates the relationship between the stories giving a roomy feeling regardless of the thick space program.


Living-Dining-Pantry which is the fundamental family assembling range is put one next to the other with the long void in one side and the swimming pool on the other side. The roof’s element in that space is intended to look like pool swell.


At the housetop range, a little asylum secured with glass is manufactured, with the perspective towards the ocean a couple of kilometers toward the north. This sanctuary is fabricated to suit gathering occasions toward the evening or evening and for uncommon events, for example, New Year’s Eve.

F+W-House-by-DP+HS-Architects-05 F+W-House-by-DP+HS-Architects-06 F+W-House-by-DP+HS-Architects-07 F+W-House-by-DP+HS-Architects-08 F+W-House-by-DP+HS-Architects-09 F+W-House-by-DP+HS-Architects-10 F+W-House-by-DP+HS-Architects-11 F+W-House-by-DP+HS-Architects-12 F+W-House-by-DP+HS-Architects-13 F+W-House-by-DP+HS-Architects-14 F+W-House-by-DP+HS-Architects-15 F+W-House-by-DP+HS-Architects-16 F+W-House-by-DP+HS-Architects-17 F+W-House-by-DP+HS-Architects-18

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