VIMOB – the prefabricated modular housing solution by Colectivo Creativo Arquitectos

VIMOB – the prefabricated modular housing solution by Colectivo Creativo Arquitectos

Architects: Colectivo Creativo Arquitectos
Location: Matapalo, Palmira, Valle del Cauca, Colombia
Year: 2015
Area: 398 sqft / 37 sqm
Photo courtesy: Felipe Orvi, Mauricio Carvajal

VIMOB was conceived from the thought of making a safe house in a territory of troublesome access; a spot where fabricating a customary development would be constrained by transport of materials and work. It is a secluded lodging arrangement, in view of the idea of construction and get together, equipped for holding the crucial space of a conventional development in a useful, adaptable, alluring and present day model. It is organized from precisely examined modules, verbalized with concordance and temperance in a comfortable climate, permitting the pleasure in nature and giving a picture of high standing.


This prime example of spotless, straightforward lines, goes for being fastidious in the subtle elements, in the investigation of adjustment, materials, qualities and surfaces that designers separate with tints of earth hues. The asset to fuse the volume is exactly this straightforwardness of configuration, the thorough control of shading palette and the feeling of gentility, as though ascending starting from the earliest stage looks to fit with the huge green background behind this play. In the inside, it is dominating the utilization of wood, dividers on OSB board and pine roofs. In the parlor range the straightforwardness impact is accomplished by openings, with vast sliding glass entryways that give pleasure in nature and additionally simple access to the front porch, for a lasting relationship between the outside inside and an intriguing impact of light and differentiates.


VIMOB was produced in our workshop, disassembled and sent to the development site straightforwardly; the pieces permitted quick gathering nearby, utilizing at least devices. Every part of the undertaking was outlined and developed to be adjusted and conformed to the module outline, subsequently minimizing nearby completing and work, diminishing waste in crude materials, carbon foot shaped impression, sway on characteristic site and unanticipated occasions.


At long last, simplicity of gathering and destroying permits you to be from the highest point of the mountain where you can see the whole scene or on the shoreline viewing the dusk. With its configuration, both present day and advanced, that incorporates itself with any field, it gives an affair of warmth from the effortlessness.

VIMOB---the-prefabricate-modular-housing-solution-by-Colectivo-Creativo-Arquitectos-04VIMOB---the-prefabricate-modular-housing-solution-by-Colectivo-Creativo-Arquitectos-05 VIMOB---the-prefabricate-modular-housing-solution-by-Colectivo-Creativo-Arquitectos-06 VIMOB---the-prefabricate-modular-housing-solution-by-Colectivo-Creativo-Arquitectos-07 VIMOB---the-prefabricate-modular-housing-solution-by-Colectivo-Creativo-Arquitectos-08 VIMOB---the-prefabricate-modular-housing-solution-by-Colectivo-Creativo-Arquitectos-09 VIMOB---the-prefabricate-modular-housing-solution-by-Colectivo-Creativo-Arquitectos-10 VIMOB---the-prefabricate-modular-housing-solution-by-Colectivo-Creativo-Arquitectos-11 VIMOB---the-prefabricate-modular-housing-solution-by-Colectivo-Creativo-Arquitectos-12 VIMOB---the-prefabricate-modular-housing-solution-by-Colectivo-Creativo-Arquitectos-13 VIMOB---the-prefabricate-modular-housing-solution-by-Colectivo-Creativo-Arquitectos-14 VIMOB---the-prefabricate-modular-housing-solution-by-Colectivo-Creativo-Arquitectos-15 VIMOB---the-prefabricate-modular-housing-solution-by-Colectivo-Creativo-Arquitectos-16 VIMOB---the-prefabricate-modular-housing-solution-by-Colectivo-Creativo-Arquitectos-17 VIMOB---the-prefabricate-modular-housing-solution-by-Colectivo-Creativo-Arquitectos-18

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