Gambier Island Retreat by Battersby Howat Architects

Gambier Island Retreat by Battersby Howat Architects

Architects: Battersby Howat Architects
Location: Gambier Island, Howe Sound, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Photo courtesy: Sama Jim Canzian

Investigations of this steeply inclined, lush site neglecting a little private stone shoreline in Center Bay recommended a curve association of spaces where the slant has been expanded and joined with a recently made winding way that offers a prologue to the site. This pathway intentionally connects together the structural engineering of inward rooms and outside spaces with revelations of the site’s changed scene highlights.


33% of the space inside of the house, made up of visitor rooms, an office and the primary passageway, is situated at the lower level neighboring the base of a current one story rock bank. The overhanging mass of the building and its inclined divider characterizes the primary passage and makes a secured space for unloading and pressing – a commonplace lodge custom connected with those vital snippets of landing and takeoff.


A vertical portion of coating at the passage and lower stair landing catches a developed perspective of a solitary arbutus tree. Family spaces are situated on the upper level. The inside stair ascends nearby a focal solid divider that augments the previous rock dike into the house’s inward scene. This divider ascents up to bolster cantilevering rooftop rafters which nonsensically bolster the edge that is focused over the lobby prompting dozing quarters along the back of the divider.


Windows and sliding entryways in the upper public family territories give ventilation and outline the deck territory with far reaching southwest water sees, the foliage of the neighboring arbutus tree, and a vista of a precarious rock feign adjoining an outside patio at evaluation.


Continuation along the bend pathway leads step by step up to youngsters’ rooms with private perspectives into the rough slope lastly to the main room with its coated end divider and overhanging rooftop and dividers encircling the delicate scene of a greenery and wildflower secured clearing.

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