6 Tips and Tricks in Designing your New Apartment

6 Tips and Tricks in Designing your New Apartment

Have you just moved into your new apartment and are looking for ways to make it look better? If yes, you’re reading the correct article. You see, interior design isn’t as difficult as some people would make it sound. If anything, it’s all about the little things that set you out as unique. So whether you have enough money to spend or not, you can still get together your ideal home with these simple tips and tricks.

Make Unusual Flower Pots

Indoor and balcony flowers and plants are a great way of enhancing the beauty of your home and also keeping the air around it fresh. So if you don’t mind getting dirty, then purchase some few on your way home and set them up in some personalized pots. You can turn your shoes, teapots or even toys into planters. This is one section that allows you to be creative. Hence, don’t be scared to bring forth your unusual side. In fact, the weirder it’s, the better. Visitors in your apartment will be amazed at your clever ideas and might even want to copy. Besides, you won’t be breaking your bank account with this as the pieces you will use are the ones you’re done using. See it as a way of doing your part in giving back to nature through recycling. Not a bad idea, right?

Protect Your Floor

The floor of your home should always be your pride. Remember this is the first thing that welcomes you into the house. And even your kids'(if you have any)first steps will be felt here. Therefore, if you want to sustain the beauty of your space, then you should start by ensuring it remains faultless. Having a scratched floor is like displaying a roughened face and no one likes that, right? You can achieve this by covering your furniture with beautiful leg covers. That way, they won’t leave any mark even when you move them around during cleaning. The whole idea should be to make them as fun looking as possible.

Now that you have that in place, you can even try out various types of flooring including the most loved laminate ones. This article provides comprehensive coverage on various types of laminate flooring, colors, brands and that too with a floor pricing calculator. So if you know the measurements of your apartment, then it would be easy to know how much you’re likely to spend beforehand.

Get That Small Room Popping With Paint

There is nothing that beats the elegance that a fresh paint smear brings to walls. And it gets even better with small rooms and bright color choices. Bold colors are said to make tiny spaces look bigger, so if that’s your ultimate goal, then go for it. The beauty about it is that you can do it all by yourself or with the help of family and friends and get to have some fun while at it! Also, there is no limit at how broad you can go, just ensure it fits your style.

Turn That old Ladder Into A Rack

If you have an old ladder stuck-up somewhere in your old home, then don’t make the mistake of throwing it away as you move. Instead, think of various ways you can re-use it. For instance, you can repaint it with your favorite color and fix-it in your room as your newest coat rack. If that doesn’t work for you, then you can place it in the bathroom for your towels and robe. Or turn it into your belt rack. You see, there are so many options. All you need is to think outside the box. And at the end of it, you will definitely love the final appearance and get to save some bucks in the process.

Mirror Your Way Around It

Any experienced interior designer will tell that mirrors are small spaces’ best friend. And since most apartments tend to be restricted in terms of space, why not take it up as a challenge and see whether what they say is true? There are various mirror shapes, sizes, and colors that you can play around with depending on your preference. If you’re daring and wouldn’t mind having your room appear like a creative zone, then you can try throwing a little bit of that and this, until you achieve the uniqueness you so desire. Don’t forget, however, to have one directly opposite the window for light reflection. You will love the effect.

Go The Bamboo Way

Ever heard that bamboo is one of the strongest re-usable household products material? Well, now you know. It’s not only durable but also economical and pretty stylish. So if you’re thinking of joining the “go-green” movement to help preserve the environment, then you better start changing what you use. After all, charity begins at home. For example, choose to go for bamboo laundry baskets instead of those plastic ones. You can also purchase a few more rectangular pieces and arrange them into a shelf for your book collection. Let your children keep their toys in one as well. You will be teaching them the essence of environmental conservation from a young age.

In fact, you can enhance the appearance of your whole house with bamboo products. Have you thought about that towel/blanket holder? What about the fruits display? Just be sure not to overdo it and you will appreciate the outcome. When it comes to interior design, the secret lies in knowing when to stop.

Most individuals view moving homes as a tedious and frustrating process. Well, while there is some truth in that statement, you can still turn it into a positive one through decorations. You see, new spaces always offer the motivation and chance to be creative. So instead of sulking, you should use the opportunity to create your ideal home from scratch, You don’t even have to spend much, a few small changes often does the trick. From changing those flower pots, repainting the walls, placing mirrors in that small room to going green with bamboo baskets for storage, there is no limit to what your creative mind can produce.

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