5 Flooring Tips To Make A Room Look Bigger

5 Flooring Tips To Make A Room Look Bigger

Regardless of how your house is laid out, there will always be that one area in it that feels cramped and closed-off. You’ll want to make it look bigger, but you also don’t want to lift a hammer and break down the walls. Doing this might be too big of a project to undertake, so if there’s something you can do that’s more on a smaller scale yet just as big, impact-wise, then that would be a better option. In addition, using this 5 flooring tips to make a room look bigger, you can give your little room the appearance of space that it needs.

This is where having the correct flooring becomes important. While there are many other interior design tricks that can make your room look bigger, choosing the right flooring may make it cozier, spacious, and airy. 

1. Choose Light And Airy Colors

You can install a variety of flooring choices, including tiles, carpets, wood vinyl, engineered wood, laminates, or hardwood. However, you should always choose light, airy colors because they make a space appear larger, whereas darker hues are better suited for bigger spaces. Beige, white-washed wood, and earth tones can also help give an illusion of space.

But if you want additional inspiration, you may search online for the best site that provides the details you need to select the right color for your flooring.

2. Choose Tiles With Irregular Designs

If you truly want to make your room look bigger, choose tiles with irregular patterns because they bring more depth and dimension. In addition, this type of flooring may make it easier for the eyes to focus on the patterns rather than the size of the room.

Keep in mind that this tip will only work if you have walls that are light-colored. But if your space currently has darker walls and you have no intention of repainting them, then opt for light-colored carpeting.

Bonus tip: Choosing grout that matches the tile color provides your space with a uniform and larger appearance, especially if the tiles are set down the room’s longest line.

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3. Use Wider And Larger-Sized Flooring Materials

Because your room is small, you could be tempted to use smaller-sized tiles. However, choosing flooring materials that are wider and greater in size may be a better option. 

Large flooring materials create the illusion of space and therefore make a small room feel bigger. Because of it, there will be fewer seams between the planks and the tiles, which gives your floor a more spacious and less crowded appearance.

4. Try Out A Diagonal Placement

Since installing flooring in a diagonal pattern would require a lot of work and skill on the part of the installer, not too many people go for this design. However, since the corners of the space will be highlighted rather than the walls, this is the easiest way to make a room appear larger.

In addition, diagonal floors can provide your room with additional structural stability due to their ability to bridge joists in any direction. Just be sure that the diagonal placement is done the right way, with the wider part of the pattern facing the entrance of the room. 

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5. Make The Floor More Visible

This fifth tip is more about the permanent fixtures you may have put in the room. Keep in mind that the size of the furniture and other objects might also have an impact on how small or big a room would appear. 

While you may want to maximize storage space in your small room, you should first set your priorities straight. Start by determining what the purpose of the small room is. This can help you decide whether or not you really need to have all the floor-to-ceiling storage compartments that are consuming floor space.

Once you’ve decided what you need, clear out the room of extra storage to make the floor more visible. You can choose to utilize hanging wall shelves when the goal is to display objects rather than keep them hidden and stowed, maximizing the amount of floor space that is accessible.


Interior designers, architects, and builders all concur that utilizing proper flooring strategies can actually amplify the appearance of a small room. In addition, the appropriate kind of flooring will improve the room’s aesthetics and functionality. Now that you have finally realized this, you may choose the flooring that is more than simply an afterthought or something that your feet can literally walk on. It’s up to you to decide which of the aforementioned suggestions you believe relates to your home the most since flooring matters.

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