Bedroom Furniture for Small Spaces

Bedroom Furniture for Small Spaces


Even though your bedroom is supposed to be your foremost spot for peace and relaxation, feeling fully at ease in a cramped, cluttered sleeping space can be a tall order. If your bedroom is on the small side, you’re liable to have trouble regarding it as the stress-free personal haven it’s intended to be. Luckily for anyone stuck with a tiny bedroom, expanding this space is simply a matter of making the right furniture choices. So, if you’re looking to furnish a small bedroom, keep an eye out for the following items.

Furnishings That Fill Multiple Roles

When you have limited space in which to work, you’ll need to get creative when selecting the right furnishings. As such, take care to remain on the lookout for bedroom furniture that serves multiple purposes. When searching for a suitable bed frame, for example, limit your choices to options that offer under-the-bed storage solutions. Frames that contain built-in dressers can be a boon to anyone in need of convenient clothing storage. Similarly, if you’re looking for a desk for your bedroom, prioritize ones that provide abundant vertical shelving. Furthermore, when shopping around for nightstands, look for ones that double as dressers. If a multitiered nightstand is what you’re after, folding tables can be a practical alternative.

Frameless Mattresses

A good bed frame can complement a good mattress – and vice versa. In fact, many of us can’t picture one without the other. However, while having a frame without a mattress would be utterly pointless, the same cannot be said for a mattress without a frame. As living spaces become increasingly compact, it’s become necessary for people to question which furnishings truly are necessary. Although there’s certainly nothing wrong with investing in a good bed frame, it may not be the wisest purchase for someone living in a small apartment.

If you want to sleep in maximum comfort while conserving space, a frameless luxury mattress may be just the solution you’re looking for. Despite once being viewed as tacky and low-class, frameless mattresses are becoming an increasingly hip and common space-saver for people with smaller bedrooms. This isn’t to say that you should swear off bed frames entirely, but you’re likely to find that your quality of sleep doesn’t change much in their absence.

Floating Shelves

If your bedroom is lacking in floorspace, you may not have much room for traditional shelving. This is where floating shelves enter the equation. As the name implies, these shelves are mounted on walls to create the appearance of floating. While they may not offer the same level of convenience as regular shelving, floating shelves are great for storing smaller items and affordable on virtually any budget.

Japanese Futons

Some bedrooms are so compact that they lack sufficient space for traditional mattresses. If this describes your sleeping space, a Japanese futon may prove to be a worthwhile purchase. Not to be confused with Western futons, Japanese futons are compact, comfortable mattresses that are lightweight and easy to clean and store. Whenever you need some additional space, you can simply fold the futon up and place it in storage.

Vertical Shelving

When shopping around for compact bedroom shelving, it’s in your best interest to go vertical. Shelves that are tall and thin can provide you with ample storage space without taking up much room. On the flipside, shelves that emphasize horizontal storage tend to eat up a fair amount of space and are therefore poorly-suited to small bedrooms.

Mounted Lights

Like floating shelves, mounted lights make practical use of wall space. Although table lamps and floor lamps can add a sense of atmosphere, they aren’t exactly space-savers. Conversely, mounted lights can fulfill the same purpose without taking up any precious floorspace.

Nothing quite compares to settling into a comfy bed after a long and trying day. Retiring to one’s bedroom is supposed to be a peaceful experience that enables people to recharge their batteries and mentally prepare for the day to come. Unfortunately, two things can get in the way of this: excessive clutter and a lack of free space. Since both of these are conducive to stress and mental blockage, it behooves us to carefully consider them when furnishing our bedrooms.

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