Quick Deep Clean: How To Refresh Your Bedroom

Quick Deep Clean: How To Refresh Your Bedroom


It’s a chore most of us spend a lot of time dreading, but doing a deep clean of your bedroom is going to leave you with a space that is ultimately more comfortable, and is especially helpful if you’re having trouble sleeping.

Bringing some much-needed peace into your space can be achieved without all the time you think it might require to deep clean space: taking an hour out of your week to do this. With our checklist, you’ll be able to check off everything on your list of bedroom basics, including your bedsheets, mattress, and the floors of your bedroom.

Here are some top tips for organizing a deep clean that doesn’t take up too much of your energy or time, but is just as effective as the one you dedicate half a day to:


Deep Clean Tip #1: Start By Removing Unnecessary Clutter

Taking out the trash in your wastebasket, filing away that pile of papers, organizing the stack of books beside your bed – we tend to collect and leave around a lot of unnecessary waste when we’re getting through the day to day of our lives.

Beginning your bedroom deep clean by taking all the unnecessary junk out of your room will make a significant difference in how much cleaner and organized the space feels. If you don’t have a small waste bin, it’s time to invest in one, since it leaves you from falling into the trap of keeping those empty wrappers or smoothie bottles lying around your bedroom.


Deep Clean Tip #2: Giving Your Bed A Reset

Even if you aren’t a late-night snacker, your bed and best mattress can accumulate a lot of external debris as the months go by. It’s important to clean your bedsheets on a regular basis, along with any additional linens you have, such as a memory foam mattress toppers or blankets.

Finding bedsheets and other bed accessories that are easy to clean will take your time doing a deep cleanse of your space down by at least half. While you don’t have to wash your comforter on a regular basis, the best bedsheets and other bed accessories should be designed with longevity and ease of maintenance in mind. Look out for mattress covers and bedsheets with stain-resistant qualities, or easily detachable and machine-cleanable covers.

Making sure your mattress covers and bed sheets are hypoallergenic and breathable will also allow you to have a smoother experience getting to bed every night – ultimately, this is going to provide you more comfortable sleep, and therefore will also help you fight off any trouble sleeping you may be experiencing.

Quick Deep Clean: How To Refresh Your Bedroom

Deep Clean Tip #3: Wipe Down All Exposed Surfaces

Dust accumulates over time, and for those amongst us who struggle with allergies, things can get uncomfortable quickly if you avoid doing a good deep clean. Using a cleaner with a non-abrasive scent and non-toxic ingredients, try to ensure you’re spritzing down any open surfaces of your bedroom (being sure to avoid your bedsheets and pillows, of course), to give it a nice fresh look and feel.

Other surfaces you might not have an eye on but are definitely worth going over include the fronts of your nightstand or dresser, the legs of any chairs, your blinds, and if you have a larger bed, the posts and headboard of your bed frame too.

Wiping things down will prevent you from running into any issues you might have with the sniffles, and keep things looking their absolute best. If you are an allergy sufferer, be sure to do this bit with a mask on, so that you avoid experiencing any discomfort in the process.


Deep Clean Tip #4: Dust Off Your Lights and Curtains

Certain surfaces won’t lend well to antibacterial wipes or spray, especially when they’re made of cloth. Bedroom furniture that falls under this category usually includes things such as lampshades or other light fixtures, sleep accessories such as weighted blankets, and of course, the curtains that hang beside your window.

If you are facing a cloth surface you aren’t sure how to clean, the quickest way to ensure they’re okay is by doing a light dusting of these areas. You may choose to use your vacuum at a lower setting to do this too – some vacuums come with separate dedicated attachments for the explicit purpose of cleaning more delicate materials, so check to see if you might be able to use one of these as you clean these portions of your bedroom.

Quick Deep Clean: How To Refresh Your Bedroom

Deep Clean Tip #5: Vacuum Your Floors & Carpet

When you’re trying to do a quick deep clean, you’re unlikely to have the time to mop down your floors and wait for them to dry. What you can do, however, is a quick vacuum, which will get the job done in half the time and hassle, and allow you to hold off until you need to do a proper deep clean of your space.

Make sure to get every nook and cranny of your bedroom when you’re doing this step – that includes under heavy furniture such as your bed or study table, and making sure you move around light fixtures and mirrors so you’re getting covering the entire surface area of your floor evenly.

The way your bedroom looks can contribute significantly to the quality of rest you experience. Deep cleans are necessary for resetting your space and allowing you to feel your most cozy through the night. If you’ve been having trouble sleeping in the recent past, a quick deep clean will also help your body feel more at ease as it tries to get into rest mode through the night.

Even just changing your bedsheets and making your bed can make all the difference when it comes to getting the rest you deserve every night. Try out these tips and tricks for a deep clean that won’t take you more than an hour, and be conscientious of how you sleep the next few nights – the effects might just take you by surprise.

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