8 ways to create a stylish and modern garden

8 ways to create a stylish and modern garden

If your garden feels dull and drab, it’s unlikely that you will be eager to spend very much time in it. The good news is that there are lots of things you can do to inject a bit of life and transform it into a space the whole family will enjoy. Here are 8 ways to create a stylish and modern garden.

Add color to boundary fences

Although natural wood fencing looks good, it provides a more traditional feel to a garden. Adding color not only looks great but will make your outdoor space feel far more modern. Fence paint is available in a range of colors, including blues, greens, and, of course, the ever-popular grey tones. You might be surprised at how even just a lick of paint can transform the look of a bog-standard fence.

Inject a modern feel with decking

Composite decking looks far more modern than traditional wood decking. It is made of a combination of wood fibers and plastic, which makes it hard-wearing and maintenance-free. It comes in wood effect as well as a few solid color options and looks great in any modern garden. If you want to go one step further, consider having integrated lighting installed in the deck. In the evening it looks very expensive and produces a wonderfully relaxing feel.

Lounging around

From rattan sun loungers to sumptuous sofas, you will be spoilt for choice at the vast range of contemporary outdoor furniture available these days. Not only does it look the part, but it is usually quite comfortable too. If sipping cocktails in a hammock or lounging around in a floating egg chair appeals to you, it’s worth looking into. Trendy, modern furniture is sure to compliment your outdoor space.

Outdoor water fountain

If you think that a water feature is suited to a more traditional style of garden, think again. Outdoor water fountains are available in a wide variety of modern designs and will add a wow factor to any garden. Water spheres, for example, look amazing in a modern garden, while sheet glass fountains are sure to be a talking point with guests. Solar water fountains are also very popular and come in a range of colors and styles.

Accessorize the space

Another great way to add some style to your garden is to use modern accessories. Lots of colored cushions in different sizes displayed on your seating area can look extremely inviting. Oversized outdoor beanbags are not only comfortable but will add a sense of fun and style to any outdoor space. If you want to create a shaded area in your garden, a modern gazebo might be a good choice or, if your garden is a bit smaller, parasols come in a range of designs and sizes and will provide shade whenever you need it.


Modern lighting in a garden should never be underestimated. In the evening, when it starts getting darker, lighting is a great way to transform your garden into a relaxing and stylish night-time retreat. Fairy lights are very popular because they are quite subtle and bring a somewhat magical feel to a garden. Solar lights placed either side of a pathway is a lovely way to enhance the features of your garden. Candles are another great way to add light to an outdoor space. Whether it’s garden candles placed around your grounds or lanterns placed on a dining table, they will help to create a beautiful display and an extremely inviting mood.

Flowers and plants

A great way to display flowers and plants in a more contemporary way is by using lots of differently colored pots and planters. If you can’t find the colors you like, then why not think about buying the sizes you like and painting them to suit your color scheme?

Another great way to display flowers is to use hanging baskets. While many of them might look like something your grandma might have on display, there are loads of modern versions available too.

Jazz up your patio and pathways

A unique but impactful way of transforming a plain patio or pathway is to use stencils and masonry paint. With some careful planning and a bit of patience, the most boring of paving slabs can be turned into a work of art. Stencils can be as simple or as intricate as you like, and you can achieve some amazing designs. Stencils are a great way to create something for your garden that is truly unique.

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