Bright Pastel Theme of North Vancouver House by Scott & Scott Architects

Bright Pastel Theme of North Vancouver House by Scott & Scott Architects

Architects: Scott & Scott Architects
Location: North Vancouver, Canada
Year: 2015
Area: 1,615 sq. ft / 150 sq. m
Photo courtesy: Scott and Scott Architects

Working with the designers to find a suitable property for another home the customers bought a 1950s post and pillar house situated close to the base of Grouse Mountain. The house, while broadly revamped throughout the years, had an unassuming scale, proportional rooms and a solid association with the lush and developed yard.


The task comprises of the configuration and development of the rebuilding and remodel of the 150 sq. m (1,615 sq. ft) house. The living space was stripped of embellishments, administrations justified and the encased stair was supplanted with another open stair of steel and fir which takes into consideration the light from the second floor corridor window to join with the ground floor.


The task draws from the designers and customers (two history educators) shared enthusiasm for conventional materials and admiration for the first subtle elements of the house.


To light up the spaces the douglas fir shafts were lye washed and the basic decking was done with a material connected pigmented oil. The living spaces were diminished to the basic shell, the dividers were repaired and completed in a characteristic lime based whitewash and the floors ground and troweled.


The materials utilized were chosen for their differentiating qualities and negligibly completed the process of utilizing customary techniques that are viable and gain unmistakable indications of utilization after some time. The steel stair and chimney edge were done with wood stove glue and rocking the bowling alley back street wax and the cabinetry was lye washed and fixed with cleanser.


With insignificant change to the setup of the spaces, the practical stockpiling was solidified into two douglas fir plywood cupboard squares to amplify the open spaces while giving covered stockpiling to the living, passage and kitchen.


The kitchen was created of strong fiery remains and intended for the open stockpiling of the proprietors gathering of studio earthenware. While open and light in area, the joinery was point by point to fundamentally tolerate the heaviness of the 800kg (1,763lbs) marble counter stone monument which was processed from a square the engineers chose from the Hisnet Inlet quarry situated on Vancouver Island close to their own elevated lodge.

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