Holiday T Project Home by Juma Architects

Holiday T Project Home by Juma Architects

Architects: Juma Architects
Location: Spain
Year: 2015
Photo courtesy: Juma Architects

Belgian clients contacted JUMA architects to outline an holiday home in Spain. The site is portrayed by a thick development of pine trees and an incline sitting above the Mediterranean Sea.


JUMA, who think of it as a benefit to work in this exceptional connection, have actually selected to save however many trees as could reasonably be expected keeping in mind the end goal to make most extreme utilization of the normal accessible shade.


In the configuration, a stairway is put along the carport that drops right to the passage. Along these lines, JUMA makes full utilization of the incline of the landscape, conveying the principal floor up to the level of the road. The rooms, all of which highlight huge window areas, are situated on the principal floor. To counteract overheating, these windows are furnished with blinds made up of fine vertical wooden braces.


The L-formed floor arrangement is completely situated to the side that offers the most fabulous perspectives. The principle volume of the L-shape houses the kitchen, while the other volume contains the seating zone. Along these lines, both spaces grasp the porches and give protection from the neighbours. The porches take after the regular incline of the territory; as perky surfaces they at last prompt the green-blue interminability pool.


The building design is characterized by a play of flat lines, shaped by different covering shades. In a few places, the overhangs are furnished with holes, making convincing varieties of common light. Regarding materials, JUMA’s configuration highlights a mix of white, smooth mortar with an unpleasant neighbourhood stone quarried from the region.

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