Vivienda en Son Vida by Negre Studio & Rambla 9 Arquitectura

Vivienda en Son Vida by Negre Studio & Rambla 9 Arquitectura

Architects: Negre Studio & Rambla 9 Arquitectura
Location: Son Vida, Palma de Mallorca, Spain
Year: 2014
Area: 900 sqm
Photo courtesy: Negre Studio

Arranged in one of the more restrictive local location of the island, this venture implies a studio solid mediation in arquitectural components furthermore finishing and interiorism. The task circulation is reason for the materials. The stone volumes work like a settled wholesaler component, in the mean time the wooden parts encompass them. For this situation with oak wooden braces that work as an example for the upright and the bended ones.


Three novel materials shape the region to get homogeneity and smoothness: stone, oak wood and glass. We have picked the same stone for both inside and outside, for paviments and for covering. More than one thousand meter altogether. It’s around a travertino le fosse law cutted.


Like it was a customizing, we have built up a necessary task made at custom prerequisite. The majority of the segments for this task are planned and executed by our studio. From the beds to the kitchen, including the entryways, washroom, closets, tables, and so on. Working thusly we acquire a remarkable and customized venture for each customer. A Rambla 9 arquitecture coordinated effort.





Vivienda-en-Son-Vida-05 Vivienda-en-Son-Vida-06 Vivienda-en-Son-Vida-07 Vivienda-en-Son-Vida-08 Vivienda-en-Son-Vida-09 Vivienda-en-Son-Vida-10 Vivienda-en-Son-Vida-11 Vivienda-en-Son-Vida-12 Vivienda-en-Son-Vida-13 Vivienda-en-Son-Vida-14 Vivienda-en-Son-Vida-15 Vivienda-en-Son-Vida-16 Vivienda-en-Son-Vida-17

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