Inspiring apartment interior designed to enjoy life and stimulate creativity for a young family

Inspiring apartment interior designed to enjoy life and stimulate creativity for a young family

Architects: SVOYA studio
Location: Dnipro, Ukraine
Year: 2016
Area: 1.076 ft²/ 100 m²
Photo courtesy: SVOYA studio

“The apartment of 100 square meters consists of a spacious living room, a kitchen and a dining room as well as 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms with a technical room. A standard set of rooms was added by galleries in passages. The uniqueness of this family was the reason of the presence of these galleries… The mistress of the house is the artist Anna-Maria Shmorgoner (a graduate of the London Academy CITY AND GUILDS OF LONDON ART SCHOOL), and so all space is a subject to easy creative way of life like a lot of exposure planes, area for painting near the large dining table, next to which the honorable host place on the lounge area at the bar.

The kitchen is not the place for cooking to a greater extent, but for communication and display of important elements from travel. An accentual blue sofa “absorbs” both visually and practically. The wall made of Yekaterinoslav bricks, from dismantling for the transfer of the historical heritage of the city, was a natural inlaid with natural aging and the elements of green.

The apartment is made of all natural materials, and a combination of their unique textures is fascinated. White walls play a role of a canvas for Anna-Maria’s paintings.

The compact master bedroom is very multifunctional. There are two wardrobe zones separated by doors with granary guiding rails, the dressing table behind the head of the bed and work space. Several epochs are connected in this space, it is the theater, and at the same time, backstage…

Children’s room is a room for creativity and game which adults are indifferent to as well:) Modularity allows to change the function, according to the age of a child.

The bathroom and toilet are filled with details for the maximum convenience. Unique ceramic washbasins were made by Sergey Gorban.

The abundance of hand-made things, daring combinations and textures in creative and residential space “Shhh …” make it a truly dwelling for art-people family, amazing and beautiful story that we will tell you but the only Shhhhh …..”

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