Rishikesh House by Rajiv Saini and Associates

Rishikesh House by Rajiv Saini and Associates

Architects: Rajiv Saini and Associates
Location: Rishikesh, Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India
Year: 2010
Area: 640 sqm
Photo courtesy: Sebastian Zachariah

The principal visit I made to see the site changed every assumption about what structure this house ought to take. Situated on a lifted slope incline, over looking the “Ganges” waterway as it pivoted a twist, the unbridled vitality of the spouting stream turned into the one steady motivation and the structure the house endeavors to reflect.


The venture, an occasion house/retreat on the haridwar-rishikesh course, was anything but difficult to plan when working with customers who shared an enthusiasm for configuration, who additionally believed us enough to set out on this radical outline. The necessities of the house were a straightforward three room suites and enough easygoing/casual spaces to relax around with family and companions and absorb the virgin domain all around.


Driving along the long winding drive way (that does not uncover the scene of the superb waterway perspective) prompting the house, one methodologies the structure between two 12ft high, firmly set verging on parallel dividers of arbitrary stone brick work (all stone utilized for irregular workmanship dividers as a part of the house was quarried locally). Past these divider is an encased court bound with dividers on 3 sides.


Just on going inside through the teak wood entryways does one understand the sweeping stream sees. The expansive passage space, alongside the deck outside, capacities as a casual relaxing zone. It additionally encases a circular, glass and teak encircled eating walled in area. Traverse an extension from here, one goes through an inner court before plunging into the brought down family room.


The expert suite alongside its en suite restroom (and open air court with outside shower) is situated to the other side of the family room. Through a since a long time ago coated passage lined with a woods of bamboo trees, one gets to the rooms and TV lounge on the other side. This coated hallway is contained between the stream confronting rooms on one side, and the holding divider holding up the bermed soil that disguises the vicinity of the spa tucked to the other side of the passage dividers. A little court guarantees enough common light, while offering absolute security to its clients.


With regards to the area and type of the house, we played alongside regular materials and completions inside. Roofs all through are in structure completed cement, as are most holding dividers. Staying inward dividers are in white painted unplastered blocks or irregular rubble stone work.


The ground surface all through the general population and flow regions is made with textured ochre hued sandstone, while the rooms are done in timber. Bathrooms are additionally clad in neighborhood stones or teak timber, and custom strong teak wood furniture alongside material and cotton decorations was utilized all through the house.

Rishikesh-House-10 Rishikesh-House-11-1 Rishikesh-House-11 Rishikesh-House-12-1 Rishikesh-House-12 Rishikesh-House-13-1 Rishikesh-House-13-2 Rishikesh-House-13 Rishikesh-House-15-1 Rishikesh-House-15-2 Rishikesh-House-15 Rishikesh-House-16-1 Rishikesh-House-16 Rishikesh-House-17-1 Rishikesh-House-17-2 Rishikesh-House-17 Rishikesh-House-18-1 Rishikesh-House-18-2 Rishikesh-House-18 Rishikesh-House-24 Rishikesh-House-25 Rishikesh-House-26 Rishikesh-House-27 Rishikesh-House-28 Rishikesh-House-29 Rishikesh-House-30 Rishikesh-House-71 Rishikesh-House-72

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