Naust Paa Aure by TYIN tegnestue Architects

Naust Paa Aure by TYIN tegnestue Architects

Architects: TYIN tegnestue Architects
Location: Aure,  More og Romsdal, Norway
Year: 2011
Budget: $45,000
Photo courtesy: Pasi Aalto

The boat storage is a social and recorded sign of Norways waterfront districts, where angling used to be the essential calling. They have customarily been utilized for putting away water crafts and angling apparatus, however today a significant number of them are being changed over for recreational summer use. This specific boat shelter is situated on the furthest reaches of the Moere-coast, and it hails from the center of the eighteenth century. It was in such an awful state, to the point that the proprietor chose to tear it down and construct it once again. The straightforwardness of the old building, its great situation and genuine utilization of materials would get to be key wellsprings of motivation for the configuration of the new building. Awesome accentuation was set on the fundamental development, the doors of the peak divider and the versatile long veneer.


The unveiled and to some degree occupied area made material-reuse exceptionally attractive. Old windows from an adjacent farmhouse were gathered and sorted. The position of these windows got to be key in choosing what separation to use between the columns in the fundamental development.


Amid the procedure of tearing down the old boat shelter it was found that the structure had been based on temperamental earth ground. The new building subsequently lays on H-profiles eight meters long, traversing over a fissure in the bedrock. The white painted fundamental development of the new boat storage was based nearby. With a specific end goal to facilitate the establishment work, parts of the divider development is laying specifically on rocky ground.


The cladding is produced using Norwegian pine, weight treated utilizing an item in light of naturally cordial organic waste from the generation of sugar (Kebony). The external layer needs no upkeep and in time it will give the boat storage a shimmering dim patina. The doors in the south veneer pivots a steel bar turn and makes a shielded outside range. The illuminated cotton canvas gives an agreeable light, while the steel top of the old boat storage shield the doors from the wear and tear of a brutal atmosphere.


150 year old materials from the old boat shelter is utilized to clad a percentage of the indoor surfaces, and behind this cladding one can discover a large portion of the developments supporting. A tabletop laid on old bullhead rails makes a working seat four meters long, to gut angle and putting away instruments.


A versatile outline approach and adaptability in the building procedure combined with a high level of vicinity on the work site have been significant for the last consequence of this undertaking. Reasonable decisions concerning material use, strategy for development and enumerating have given this boat storage its recognized engineering components. The building stays consistent with the chronicled and social legacy of Norways.

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