Berryman Street Residence by AUDAX Architecture

Berryman Street Residence by AUDAX Architecture

Architects: AUDAX Architecture
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Year: 2014
Area: 3,700 sqft
Photo courtesy: Arnaud Marthouret

AUDAX recovered an engineering relic from the late 70s and changed it into a ultra-cutting edge, fresh and light-filled home for a youthful unhitched male. The upgrade of this 3,700 sq. ft. split-level home exhibited a special test in view of its area in heart of the Yorkville’s legacy locale.


Working inside of the bones of the current house, AUDAX stripped the insides down to its structure and did a complete reinventing of the rooms to make more roomy designs.


The outside in the front and back was upgraded with new windows in an adjusted piece that did not change the massing of the first building. Zinc cladding in two tones was utilized to stress the stature of house.


Dim recolored wood was included to the outside the ground level to make a warm and inviting passageway.

Berryman-Street-Residence-04 Berryman-Street-Residence-05 Berryman-Street-Residence-06 Berryman-Street-Residence-07 Berryman-Street-Residence-08 Berryman-Street-Residence-09 Berryman-Street-Residence-10 Berryman-Street-Residence-11 Berryman-Street-Residence-12 Berryman-Street-Residence-13 Berryman-Street-Residence-14

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