Harborview Hills by Laidlaw Schultz Architects

Harborview Hills by Laidlaw Schultz Architects

Architects: Laidlaw Schultz Architects
Location: Corona del Mar, Newport Beach, California, USA
Year: 2011
Photo courtesy: Larry Falke

With an enthusiasm for current construction modeling and a global comprehension of style, the property holders drew nearer Laidlaw Schultz Architects looking for something extraordinary and suitable for their developing crew. The home’s calm road setting gives no sign of the element seaside sees available from inside, and this sentiment disclosure turned into the beginning stage for the configuration.


A basic line isolating open from private, the first move about the house starts, begins the dialog. This divider is punctuated with a sliding board and is then attracted up to uncover the striated walnut carport entryway that proceeds with the plain.


The woven-steel board is the entryway to the inside patio and private domain. As seen from inside the yard, the enceinte changes into an outside chimney and background for the glass-like pool. A mass of foliage toward one side gives a board of green to supplement the sparkling blue water; on the flip side, a ceaseless wellspring makes a relieving soundtrack.


The House itself exploits these two outside spaces, inside patio and outside perspective, with a wrapper of sliding entryways that, when open, transform the house into an outside structure.


A juxtaposition of lacquered cabinetry set against painted block dividers, and matured wood floors against stark white dividers further underline the parity of refinement and style that make up this home.

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