Pest-proofing tips that will increase your home’s value

Pest-proofing tips that will increase your home’s value

Pest infestations cause multifaceted issues. Pests, especially wildlife pests, can spread the numerous diseases they carry. The critters are also known for the significant level of damage they can cause. Pests can cause damage in both the interior and exterior of homes. Rats in the attic, for example, can destroy insulations and create fire hazards. This is why you always must make sure that your home is in proper shape. In this article you will find some of the best pest-proofing tips that can increase your home value.

Keeping your home free of pests has long-term benefits, especially in regards to the value of your home. A pest inspection is one of the top things intending buyers focus on. This is why regular pest control is an essential part of regular home maintenance.

Long-term pest control will require the services of a pest control specialist. Even if you can’t hire a pest control specialist all the time, you can follow simple pest-proofing tips that will increase your home’s value. Here are some established pest-proofing tips.

Regular inspection

Pest control is not a one-off process. The critters will try to get into your home as often as they can. This is why regular inspections of outdoor and indoor areas will help create a long-term solution and improve the value of your home.

When inspecting your home, check for possible entry points that the critters could apply. Never forget to check the roof. The roof and chimney are some of the most common spaces rodents will apply in entering your property. Make sure your roof is in good shape by regularly checking for possible damage.

Be sure to seal any possible entry points of the critters. When you regularly check for entry points and seal all possible ones, you leave little room for the critters to enter your property. With regular inspections, you can identify a possible pest control problem and nip it in the bud early enough.

Effective landscaping

Effective landscaping can improve the value of your property in different ways. First, a property with good landscaping is more appealing to potential buyers. Also, with effective landscaping, you can scare pests away from your property.

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To keep pests away with effective landscaping, keep your lawn mowed and trees properly trimmed. You could also grow plants known for keeping critters away. Some of the plant repellents are marigolds, garlic, and West Indian lemongrass.


Using simple and effective lethal and non-lethal traps is another way to keep your property free from pests. With these traps, you do not have to hire a pest control specialist to handle a simple problem. There are live cages for the different types of pests, from moles to rats. When you use a live cage, you will have to relocate the target animal after capturing it.

If you will be using lethal traps, focus on those that do not subject the pest to an inhumane and cruel death. Snap traps for rodents are some of these types of traps.


Keeping the interior and exterior of your home clean at all times is a simple way to keep your property free of the different wildlife pests. Clutter invites all different kinds of pests. Committing to keeping your property clean and clutter-free is a simple investment towards improving its value. If you must store firewood, keep it above the ground and at least 20 feet away from your house.

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Simple tips for maintaining a clutter-free environment include removing bird feeders, piles of wood, and other general clutter. You also want to secure all garbage cans and empty them regularly.

DIY repellents

You can make DIY repellents from simple household products and materials. Some of the simple materials and products for making DIY repellents include vinegar, garlic, and different essential oils.

Without a proper pest control plan, your house can lose a lot of its value because of the activity of the critters. Your pest control plan should include measures like regular inspections and making your home as unappealing to pests as possible. You can also hire a pest control specialist when you suspect a major infestation.

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