Clever Ways to Maximize Your Small Outdoor Space

Clever Ways to Maximize Your Small Outdoor Space

A small garden doesn’t have to stop you from enjoying outdoor entertainment. No matter how tiny the space is, you can always put it to good use. A compact patio or a little balcony can be ideal for enjoying a coffee in the mornings or gathering with family and friends. In the following article we will discuss about four clever ways to maximize your small outdoor space.

1. Choose the furniture wisely

Even though your outdoor space might be small, you can always fit foldable furniture. A small table with chairs would be enough for enjoying the outdoors and enjoying a cup of coffee. Then, when the colder months start, you can simply fold the furniture and store it in the garage. 

Outdoor benches are an ideal choice for compact spaces. They provide seating for more than two people while coming with built-in storage. Enough storage is important for your outdoor space, as you don’t want the clutter to make the area look messy.

Another thing to consider is the layout. You need to fit a seating area in a small space but still, keep the design functional. An odd arrangement will disrupt the normal traffic flow, making people trip from the furniture when trying to get around. To prevent this, opt for furniture with curved shapes. This design trick is commonly used for indoor spaces, allowing easy moving. For example, a round coffee table and a curved outdoor sofa allow streamlined traffic flow. A round bistro table with chairs would be the ideal setting for brunch. 

When choosing furniture design, there is another tip to consider. Always go for thin frames and sleek designs, such as those from Scandinavian furniture brands. Chunky furniture will look visually heavy, which will make the space feel even smaller than it is.

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2. Create a porch

Not every house comes with a covered porch. But this doesn’t have to mean that you should skip outdoor entertainment. You can always fake a porch to create a pleasant seating area.

One of the options available is attaching a pergola to the exterior of your house. The pergola is a structure with wooden beams that don’t provide full coverage, creating partial shade. Bonus if you want to enhance the pergola with climbing plants to create your own oasis. Place a vidaxl garden lounge set and enjoy the outdoor entertainment season with style. 

If you can’t build a structure and are looking for a temporary solution, go for a canopy. It will provide shade and protection from weather elements while remaining a simple and affordable option. On the other hand, it is a stylish solution that works perfectly for relaxed styles. 

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3. Paved area

A paved area is an ideal spot for a cozy seating area. When choosing pavers, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, professional designers would advise using large pavers to cover the surface. This helps create a streamlined look without the interruptions created by the lines. Also, pick a grout color that is the same as the paver color. This clever design trick will make the outdoor area feel more spacious.

4. Consistent color scheme

Even small spaces can look charming with a few decorative touches. You should use a consistent color scheme to make the area feel roomier. Pick up to three colors and stick to them when choosing the furniture and accessories. For a cohesive setting, feel free to implement a monochromatic palette. Add a few decorative touches to personalize the space. For example, throw pillows intended for outdoor use and lanterns will enhance the outdoor space, turning it into the ideal spot for entertaining with friends.

To sum up some ideas on how to make a small garden look bigger, you can use larger plants and trees as a starting point, then a shorter layer around them, and then fill in any gaps with shrubs or smaller flowering plants. This layering, mainly when used around the edges of a garden, will blur to boundaries of the space, making it feel more spacious.

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