A Guide To Designing A Fun And Relaxing Outdoor Space

A Guide To Designing A Fun And Relaxing Outdoor Space

If you’re looking to renovate an existing space or simply start from scratch, it’s necessary to design a space that’s both cozy and functional, depending on your personal preference.  Whether you own an extensive garden or a tiny patio, the following six tips will help you to start dreaming or designing a fun and relaxing outdoor space ideal for either entertaining or just family relaxation: 

1. Swimming Pool

Nothing beats going for a dip in the pool when the weather is warm. Hire a professional to build a pool that’s complete with contemporary landscaping, and you have all the freedom in the world to incorporate a theme of your choice. 

While some backyard spaces are too tiny to accommodate both a pool and hot tub combination, you can always opt for an independent hot tub. Some people consider a standalone tub an eyesore, but you can always keep it conspicuous by having tall plants and flowers around it or big potted plants. You may also opt for the likes of Trueform Spa pools, particularly if you have limited space and if your aim is utmost relaxation.

On the one hand, if you want something that’s beyond the norm, you can build a natural pool. It’s also cheaper and low-maintenance.

Creating the perfect patio for outdoor dining for this fall
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2. Pergola

A dull garden can be instantly transformed by adding a pergola. Its structural design not only makes for a stunning décor piece, but it’s also great for providing shade and hosting guests outdoors. You can add a fire pit to make your pergola much more functional.

You can choose a design that comes with all-weather heating and inbuilt lighting. This way, you get to enjoy your pergola all year round. Adding string lights and a floral finish would also be ideal.

3. Outdoor Kitchen

Cooking outdoors is always a delight. An outdoor kitchen complete with sleek worktops, state-of-the-art ovens, and a sink makes for a great space to grill, barbeque, or even host pizza nights with friends. Also, consider setting up a relaxed dining area within the outdoor kitchen. If your budget allows, you can throw in a fridge to make it fully functional.

4. String Lights And Lanterns

Hanging lights and lanterns create a warm and inviting ambiance for any outdoor space. You can have them on your patio, gazebo, or pergola. Apart from illuminating your area at night and their warm glow, lanterns allow you to use scented candles, such as citronella candles, as well.

How to Design a Modern Outdoor Kitchen

5. Flowers And Plants

Flowers add vibrancy and character to any outdoor space. Think about the overall effect you want to achieve. Ensure you pick flowers that do well in your climate and flower colors that accentuate your outdoor space. Work with a color theme and a tonal palette for a more harmonious look.

Apart from the usual flowers, you can go a step further and add elevated planters, especially along your walkways, pergola, gazebo, or patio. The elevated planters can be just decorative, but you can opt for edible fruits, vegetables, or herbs, especially for green thumb enthusiasts.

If the elevated plants still don’t achieve the desired effect, add a trellis to support some climbing plants and flowers. Ensure its height and color blend well with your entire outdoor design. Once the flowers grow all the way up the trellis, it creates a stunning look for your garden.

6. Water Feature

If your space is rocky or sloppy, it shouldn’t be a cause for alarm. Use the rocks and boulders as a disguise. Stack the boulders as you add a bit of plant to give a fancy rugged look. You can also build a fountain that stems from the rocks to create a natural look.

The other option is creating a fountain that flows down to a pond. Blend all the elements strategically, so the overall structure doesn’t look artificial. As you build the pond, also keep in mind that stagnant water is a breeding place for mosquitoes. As such, you want to create a stylish pond with an outlet.


A beautiful outdoor space doesn’t come cheap. If you’re refurbishing an existing space, you can always change the furniture and accessories to give it a fresh look. Other factors to be considered when designing a space include your own taste and preference, functionality, available space, and budget. That said, stick with a theme that brings out your character without causing a dent in your pocket. 

Furthermore, the space should fit your family’s needs. Plus, if you have children or pets, then you may want to play around with themes that suit them, like putting up a mini children’s or pet’s playground.

At the end of the day, your ultimate goal should be to create an outdoor space that serves its purpose.

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