House on Cedar Hill by Cunningham Architects

House on Cedar Hill by Cunningham Architects

Architects: Cunningham Architects
Location: Cedar Hill, Texas, USA
Year: 2008
Area: 6,700 square foot
Photos: James F. Wilson, Mark McWilliams

Arranged at the edge of a ledge zone, the house is composed along a local, stacked stone divider 182 feet long and 21 feet high. A cantilevered solid covering serves as an intrusion through the divider into and through the house, quickly permitting perspectives through the thick brush of the site towards the open vista toward the west.


As a counterpoint to the long, low house settled inside of the local vegetation, the perception tower at the northern end of the house hoists the tenants over the tree tops. Wonderful perspectives of a few thousand sections of land of ensured territory, alongside far off perspectives of Dallas and Fort Worth make the tower a most loved roost.


The east-bound divider is a very protected burden bearing stone work divider confronted in local fieldstone. The mono-slanted rooftop is made out of 10″ SIPs on covered wood pillars, permitting 8′ long cantilevers over the west-bound coating.


Straightforward piece on evaluation solid floors are punctuated by inset end grain Mesquite wood zones. Regular pigmented concrete mortar, different Texas woods, copper, slate and glass round out the material palette.

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