Summer House Vestfold 2 by JVA

Summer House Vestfold 2 by JVA

Architects: JVA
Location: Vestfold, Norway
Year: 2009
Area: 300 sqm
Photo courtesy: Nils Petter Dale

The Summer house is situated on the shoreline of Vestfold in the southern piece of Norway. The house replaces a more seasoned building at the site. To get the arranging allow, the undertaking must be balanced to the territory, both fit as a fiddle, scale, material and shading.


The house and porches are halfway based after existing stone dividers, the parts of the dividers which are new are made of stones from the impacting at the site.


The low prolonged volume is sliced into to take into account wind protected outside regions, grasped by the house itself. These chops likewise cut down the size of the building, and together with the neighborhood varieties of the area, make the building identify with the encompassing precipice arrangements.


On the external edge of patios and pool, a glass fence likewise secures against twist, yet takes into account most extreme perspective. The house is clad with Kebony wood, a feasible procedure of treating the wood to take into account great toughness towards the introduction to salt water.

Summer-House-00 Summer-House-01-1 Summer-House-01-2 Summer-House-01 Summer-House-02-1 Summer-House-02-2 Summer-House-02-3 Summer-House-02 Summer-House-03-1 Summer-House-03-2 Summer-House-03-3 Summer-House-03 Summer-House-04-1 Summer-House-04 Summer-House-06 Summer-House-21 Summer-House-23 Summer-House-24

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