Modern apartment in São Paulo by Brunete Fraccaroli

Modern apartment in São Paulo by Brunete Fraccaroli

Location: São Paulo, Brazil

Size: 650 sqm

Photo courtesy: Brunete Fraccaroli


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In the foyer stands out the decoration objects. The Elephant piece is a work signed by designers Charles and Ray Eames, the Micasa; chairs are Montenapoleone. Tuca Reines _img_8007Also present is the hatter Sphaus Forrest, Matrix House, signed by Gian Luigi Landoni. The coating of walls and wallpaper.

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The large living room has a striking personality, the contrast between white and black is present in furniture and objects is complemented with sophisticated design. In this environment the Horse Lamp stands, the Micasa.

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A mirrored coffee table erea, Montenapoleone sofa, armchairs Montenapoleone. On the side table Montenapoleone is the Phonophone Tristan Zimmermann, the Micasa. All the space is more valuable with the mirrors and the Micasa Firm Concept House.

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The project also consists room fireplace, home theater, wine cellar, dining room, and an area with intimate suites, spa, games room, all furnished and equipped environments with total dedication.

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The whole apartment is embraced by a large terrace with landscaping Paula Magaldi and the Casual Indoor furniture and fixtures of Scatto.

Tuca Reines _img_7984 Tuca Reines _img_7986 Tuca Reines _img_7988 Tuca Reines _img_8001 Tuca Reines _img_8013 Tuca Reines _img_8020 Tuca Reines _img_8028Photos courtesy of the designer.

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