J2 Residence by assemblageSTUDIO

J2 Residence by assemblageSTUDIO

Architects: assemblageSTUDIO
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Area: 12,000 sqft
Year: 2011
Photos: Bill Timmerman

The undertaking is situated in the expert arranged improvement of Summerlin, along the western edge of Las Vegas at the base of Red Rock.

jr_170613_03The group’s outline necessities call for “configuration distinction, evenly and affectability to the desert slope environment.” J2 perceives the proprietors and engineers consolidated valuation for the desert environment through our decision of materials, ecological introductions, daylighting, arranging and utilization of renewable vitality sources.


Our customer craved a home that drew in the outside inside of their living spaces. Extended perspectives into the contiguous fairway and foothills give an association in the middle of inside and out. Every open space; awesome room, lounge area, library, and casita is given a perspective into the far off scene and additionally closeness with the yard and pool. The cellar bar and diversion room range associate with the outside through a patio which concedes light into the space.


The home gives its very own extensive percent power utilization through Kyocera Multicrystal Photovoltaic Modules set on the wing covering. The shade has been intended to dispense with direct daylight from going into the habitation amid the most sultry children while permitting greatest perceivability toward the south. Smashed earth development makes a warm mass to alleviate the amazing vacillations in day and evening time temperatures.

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