Queen’s Park House by Fox Johnston

Queen’s Park House by Fox Johnston

Architects: Fox Johnston
Location: Sydney, Australia
Year: 2011
Area: 215 sqm
Photos: Simon Wood

The undertaking methodology from the beginning was to give a useful, down to earth and easy to understand home for our customers and their three youthful kids.

504975d328ba0d0c56000198_queen-s-park-house-fox-johnston_exterior_4We attempted to make a progression of spaces in the old and new house that could be adaptable after some time – a den was intended for the kids which could be changed over into a study or extra room at a later stage. A visitor retreat got to from the laneway could likewise be a future adolescents room, or a space for a grandparent if need be.


Garden territories were intended to be useful spaces for youthful youngsters with ranges of local planting all through and a progression of discretely put vegetable greenery enclosures. The upstairs guardian’s retreat was intended to be sufficiently close to the kids’ area without bargaining security. It additionally was intended to offer our customers a different space to withdraw to if need be. Regarding foot shaped impression, this is a humble house yet more than provides food for a developing group of 5. All aspects of the house was intended to be utilized with no pointless rooms in a manner of speaking.


Vigorous materials of block, cement and timber were decided for their strong nature and in addition their life span and strength after some time. The itemized solid hoods that wrap around the façade were intended for climate and sun security and additionally an in number outline component. The communicated timber cladding on the roof and dividers add warmth and surface to the space.


We additionally settled on a cognizant choice to orientate the new option to guarantee ideal light and ventilation was accomplished all through the house – consequently depending almost no on fake warming and cooling. Accordingly, most of the expansion is north-bound, with extensive shades toward the west to control direct daylight. Vast movable windows and screens on this northern side take into consideration most extreme cross breezes all through the old and new house, with the capacity of settled and sliding screens to control heat infiltration in midsummer.


Solid ground and upper floor development gives great warm mass all through with inbuilt hydronic warming controlling room temperatures in winter. The rich green rooftop over the carport and visitor withdraw additionally gives great warm mass and warmth control in the late spring months. A rooftop light includes enthusiasm for this rooftop garden and also permitting characteristic sunlight to channel through to the visitor retreat below.

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