Passive House by Karawitz Architecture

Passive House by Karawitz Architecture

Architects: Karawitz Architecture
Location: Bessancourt, Paris, France
Year: 2009
Area: 1,905 sqft
Photo courtesy: Hervé Abbadie and Karawitz

A house without warming framework. The windows and pre-assembled dividers are so all around protected that the home’s essential wellsprings of warmth are the inhabitants and the sun. The warmth recuperation ventilation gives outside air without warming procedure.


Guideline: Successful coordination in the site because of its twofold face, shut toward the north to farthest point heat misfortunes and opened toward the south to profit by free sun powered vitality. Tastefully, it is a sculptural and theoretical copy of a customary house.


Elucidating: A second skin with an open work cladding in untreated bamboo envelopes the structure in strong wood boards. This cladding, which gets to be dim over the time, took motivation from conventional outbuildings in this a portion of the Ile-de-France district. It goes before the windows toward the north and wraps up by developing on to the rooftop. Indistinguishable screens are fitted on substantial inlet windows toward the south to give shade and light in the house, amid the day or around evening time. Photovoltaic boards on the rooftop finish the project, creating 3 200 kwh/yr. The establishments are the main solid component; the whole structure is made of the gathering of expansive strong wood boards, which are pre-assembled in workshop.

Passive-House-02 Passive-House-03 Passive-House-04 Passive-House-05 Passive-House-06 Passive-House-07 Passive-House-08 Passive-House-09 Passive-House-10 Passive-House-11 Passive-House-15-1 Passive-House-15-2 Passive-House-15 Passive-House-16-0 Passive-House-16-1 Passive-House-16-2 Passive-House-16 Passive-House-17-1 Passive-House-17-2 Passive-House-17 Passive-House-18 Passive-House-19 Passive-House-20 Passive-House-21 Passive-House-22 Passive-House-24 Passive-House-31 Passive-House-32 Passive-House-33 Passive-House-34 Passive-House-35 Passive-House-36

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