Casa Up by Es Arch – Enrico Scaramellini Architetto

Casa Up by Es Arch – Enrico Scaramellini Architetto

Architects: Es Arch – Enrico Scaramellini Architetto
Location: Madesimo, Lombardy, Italy
Photo courtesy: Marcello Mariana

The undertaking arranges the remaking of a current building, regarding the same profile. The old building was conveyed on two levels with distinctive capacity, stable at ground floor and animal dwellingplace at first floor. On the outside the current building is portrayed by two covering entryways on east rise, an awesome passageway on south rise, somewhat free volume still on south.


The aim of new building task is to enhance itself in connection of its setting and to upgrade some current components in the engineering piece. The new volume, in light of conventional structures, doesn’t mutilate the setting relations and extents. It’s acquire a building unequivocally associated with the connection that change some imperative components of the old building. The twofold covering entryways turns into the immense wood and glass façade on east height.


Because of inconceivable possibility to openly reinterpretate structure and volume, the task utilize the current “fixings”. The colossal rectangle, helpful to provincial practice before, in the present it contains the windows and turn into the principle character of the new house. Significantly more it’s proposed again the same passage pecking order and level dispersion.


Primary reason for this venture is to fabricate another house that, regarding the setting, proposes a conventional volume utilizing existing imprints to make a contemporary structural planning.

Casa-UP-02 Casa-UP-03 Casa-UP-04-1 Casa-UP-04 Casa-UP-05 Casa-UP-06 Casa-UP-07-1 Casa-UP-07 Casa-UP-08 Casa-UP-09 Casa-UP-10-1 Casa-UP-10 Casa-UP-11 Casa-UP-12 Casa-UP-13 Casa-UP-14 Casa-UP-15 Casa-UP-16 Casa-UP-17 Casa-UP-20 Casa-UP-21 Casa-UP-22 Casa-UP-23 Casa-UP-24 Casa-UP-25 Casa-UP-26

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