Monument Channel Cottage by CORE Architects

Monument Channel Cottage by CORE Architects

Architects: CORE Architects
Location: Monument Channel, Georgian Bay, Ontario, Canada
Year: 2015
Area: 2,125 sqft / 197 sqm
Photo courtesy: CORE Architects

The configuration and development of this bungalow situated in Monument Channel Georgian Bay was finished recently.


The cabin is 2,125 sq.ft. furthermore, is intended for year round use. The essential building material is Douglas Fir, which was utilized as the uncovered auxiliary edge, roof decking, inside divider completions, inside cabinetry and kitchen island, and so fourth. The configuration commends the basic utilization of a post and pillar basic casing, where the musicality of the sections, shafts and purlins gives a general authoritative rationale to the plan. The wood is either strong sawn or processed to a profile, the timbers are now and then gigantic and different times only productive in their size, every one of the timbers were pre-assembled, bored for associations, and so on in the plant. The wood is left untreated and normal on the inside and completed with a reasonable, infiltrating oil sealer on the outside. The outside cladding is either auxiliary wood or cedar shingles, Ipe is likewise utilized as the outside decking material and for the guardrail top rail/handrail.


All materials must be burst in given the remote area of the site. The house creates all its own power from sun powered boards and treats its own particular wastewater with a bio-channel septic framework.

Monument-Channel-Cottage-by-CORE-Architects-03 Monument-Channel-Cottage-by-CORE-Architects-04 Monument-Channel-Cottage-by-CORE-Architects-05 Monument-Channel-Cottage-by-CORE-Architects-06 Monument-Channel-Cottage-by-CORE-Architects-07 Monument-Channel-Cottage-by-CORE-Architects-08 Monument-Channel-Cottage-by-CORE-Architects-09 Monument-Channel-Cottage-by-CORE-Architects-10 Monument-Channel-Cottage-by-CORE-Architects-11 Monument-Channel-Cottage-by-CORE-Architects-12 Monument-Channel-Cottage-by-CORE-Architects-13 Monument-Channel-Cottage-by-CORE-Architects-14 Monument-Channel-Cottage-by-CORE-Architects-15

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