Bright bespoke contemporary mobile dwelling set in the middle of the forrest

Bright bespoke contemporary mobile dwelling set in the middle of the forrest

Architects: PAD studio
Location: New Forest, Hampshire, England
Year: 2015
Area: 1.464 ft²/ 136 m²
Photo courtesy: Nigel Rigden

“Located within a clearing of New Forest Woodland PAD were commissioned to design a bespoke contemporary mobile dwelling. The mobile dwelling conforms to the 1968 Caravan Act and will be capable of being lifted once erected.


The air tight, highly insulated dwelling is constructed to PassivHaus standards and CSH Level 4. Solar PV will be utilised and rainwater harvesting implemented.


Internally the dwelling is of the highest standard and fitted out with bespoke joinery to maximise spaciousness. Open plan rooms with minimal corridors and lots of natural light will help the dwellings to appear much bigger than the restricted dimensions of 6.8m (22ft) wide x 20m (65.5ft) long.”

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