Espace St-Denis by Anne Sophie Goneau

Espace St-Denis by Anne Sophie Goneau

Location: Montréal, Québec, Canada
Photo courtesy: Adrien Williams

The mandate was to divide each living area in order to maximize while maintaining the architectural integrity of the existing location, each room with natural light. The concept was to highlight the raw materials, discovered during the demolition, in order to communicate their material, their relief and color environment.


The open kitchen is the focal point of the space; it unfolds on the dining room and living room, where the master bedroom fits. It is bounded by a glass wall which preserves the view of the bare brick; an archaeological reminder wanting to highlight the existing raw materials as an exhibitor showcase. On the ground, a radiant hot water heating system was installed under a concrete slab, which was covered by a light gray epoxy and polyurethane matt finish.


The steel beam, flameproof, delimits the passage area. In the corridor leading to the bathroom, a light-emitting diode was installed in the recessed ceiling for a more intimate setting, which features the original hemlock wall.

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