Contemporary Duplex Apartment in Gracia, Barcelona by Zest Architecture

Contemporary Duplex Apartment in Gracia, Barcelona by Zest Architecture

Architects: Zest Architecture
Location: Gràcia, Barcelona, Spain
Year: 2014
Area: 2,982 ft²/ 277 m²
Photo courtesy: Lluís Casals

In a working in Gracia, where the owners possessed two flats one on top of the other, ZEST was requested that make a roomy, inviting family home.


The brief incorporated the making of both a devoted music room, suitable for little shows of orchestral compositions, and a library and study.


When we found that the building had some time ago been a plant and that underneath the current completions and false roofs the skeleton of the old vaulted structure still existed, the course of the undertaking soon turned out to be clear. We stripped the lofts from head to toe, to make utilization of the stature of the first spaces.


As the proprietors had been agonized over the two lofts holding a “flat”- feel, much significance was given to the making of the staircase uniting the two stories. This turned into a focal sculptural piece in blanched oak, which contains little show cases for the proprietors’ accumulations. As the proprietors, similar to us at ZEST, love the vibe of genuine wood, we have utilized strong oak whereever conceivable, in blend with framing.


The ground floor has been kept as a huge, liquid space, yet with ranges set apart for various capacities.


Focal space is the kitchen/lounge area, which has a perspective over the huge porch and joins smooth white Bulthaup units with bespoke high units in oak. To the other side is the music room, which has been made as a super protected box (with protected Catalan vaults), yet can be opened with sliding entryways in oak to unite it with whatever is left of the ground floor. To the opposite side of the kitchen is the parlor, and different utility spaces.


Upstairs we locate the vast library and study, which has a dozing alcove for visitors, and the family’s rooms and bathrooms. The library has bespoke cupboards and racks in oak, with slight steel bolsters.


The sum total of what dividers have been done in earth, which our plasterers breathtakingly attempted to a completion so fine that it just about takes after Tadelakt, the acclaimed Moroccon watertight stucco. The mud holds a to some degree overcast uneven shading, which loans it incredible magnificence.


Bathrooms all have ZEST-planned wash bowls in Corian, with inherent visually impaired drawers. Outside on the patio we introduced custom constructed steel pergolas and an inherent jacuzzi.


The loft is served by an “aerothermal” framework, which gives water to the underfloor warming in winter, and cooling through fancoils in the late spring. Get-up-and-go did all the lighting outline, with for all intents and purposes all lighting in LED.

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