Modern CA House by Jacobsen Arquitetura

Modern CA House by Jacobsen Arquitetura

Architects: Jacobsen Arquitetura
Location: Bragança Paulista, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Year: 2013
Area: 9,547 ft²/ 887 m²
Photo courtesy: Leonardo Finotti

This house was set by site’s form lines, sun powered introduction and momentous all encompassing perspective, which drove for the most part to a one story house brought about by a “Z” shape floor arrangement.


We isolated the project into three zones: Social, Private and Service. Every one possessing a free volume because of the non-orthogonal edges in which the house is drawn, permitting us to suit the administration segment at the site’s most astounding plot, and also to face parlors, verandas and pool towards the perspective, lapping the rooms over the characteristic landscape slant in a way to make a lower floor upheld by thin segments.


The social territory is perfectly clear and opened to the outside. It’s design is exclusively brought about by a light-organized, somewhat slanted rooftop additionally arranged to the perspective, making a gallery up and down its length.


Private and administration volumes are characterized by enunciated metallic boards, giving either security and normal light. The brises, orchestrated unevenly, are proposed to convey delicacy to engineering, as though they were made of fabric or some other malleable matter. Inside outline incorporates furniture marked by Sérgio Rodrigues, Carlos Mota and Mônica Cintra.

Modern-CA-House-by-Jacobsen-Arquitetura-04 Modern-CA-House-by-Jacobsen-Arquitetura-05 Modern-CA-House-by-Jacobsen-Arquitetura-06 Modern-CA-House-by-Jacobsen-Arquitetura-07 Modern-CA-House-by-Jacobsen-Arquitetura-08 Modern-CA-House-by-Jacobsen-Arquitetura-09 Modern-CA-House-by-Jacobsen-Arquitetura-10 Modern-CA-House-by-Jacobsen-Arquitetura-11 Modern-CA-House-by-Jacobsen-Arquitetura-12 Modern-CA-House-by-Jacobsen-Arquitetura-13 Modern-CA-House-by-Jacobsen-Arquitetura-14 Modern-CA-House-by-Jacobsen-Arquitetura-15

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