SU House Design by Alexander Brenner Architekten

SU House Design by Alexander Brenner Architekten

Architects: Alexander Brenner Architekten
Location: Stuttgart, Germany
Year: 2012
Photos: Zooey Braun

On a plot in an estate quarter at the edge of a woodland in the south of Stuttgart, a manor completely planned down to the littlest compositional point of interest was manufacture for a workmanship sweetheart and her gang.


From the piazza at the passage to the site a shimmering carport structure leads past the upper greenhouse with the lake and the “morning yard” with its rock stone ground surface to the passageway on the north side.


Taking after the passage corridor the substantial feasting table is put beneath a two-story void and lit by a sky facing window.


The removable floor-to-roof coating opens up at right-edge to the porch, so that within converges with the roofed over outside in the late spring months. The kitchen was planned as an eat-in kitchen. It works either as a shut space or because of the wide sliding entryway as a piece of the entirety.


An extensive, expansive chimney coordinates to the living region, which was arranged as a more secure and personal spot. A full-width bay window at the back sends light pillars onto the divider with canvases and figures.


From the southern office-and workspace a slender sculptural staircase leads down to the studio. This two-story high, verging on sacral territory serves to present show-stoppers – an enthusiasm of the customer. Right by the studio a storeroom for work of art is appended. Most of the greenery enclosure level comprises of the pool and spa zone.


The piece of the sauna and steam shower is an independent region which is kept in warm red and gold tones all around. The indoor swimming pool then again opens with a story to-roof coating towards the lower south-west piece of the patio nursery.


In the upper story all rooms and the relating bathrooms are masterminded around the display. The main room with chimney, changing area and lavatory is composed as an interconnected “private territory”. The secured roofterrace, situated before the room offers an extensive perspective to south-west. Much all the more stunning is the perspective from the overlying rooftop patio.

SU-House-08 SU-House-09 SU-House-10 SU-House-11 SU-House-12 SU-House-13 SU-House-14SU House Design by Alexander Brenner Architekten

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