Haus Walde by Gogl Aarchitekten

Haus Walde by Gogl Aarchitekten

Architects: Gogl Aarchitekten
Location: Kitzbühel, Austria
Area: 286 sqm
Area: 2012
Photos: Mario Webhofer

The customer asked for an open, light-filled room with the patio nursery and the excellent scenery of the Kitzbühl Alps coordinated into the living space.

WALDE 2012 F01 MW

The site is situated on a north-bound incline, verged on its western edge by a stream and a way, on its southern edge by a road and on its eastern and northern edges by neighboring locales with unsupported structures. The frontage road to the site is concurrent with the road on the southern side. There is a recorded building in the eastern portion of the site, which needed to stay unaltered. The greatest difficulties were situating the new development on a troublesome incline, the site’s slenderness and the design struggle with the current house.

WALDE 2012 F02 MW

The new building is intentionally displayed as a contemporary counterpoint to the old house. Both structures stand autonomously of one another as illustrations of development from diverse ages.

WALDE 2012 F03 MW

We endeavored to adjust the new development to the site’s geography and to implant it and also conceivable into the landscape, in the meantime making most extreme utilization of the building regulations. The progressions of level in each of the three stories, which are adjusted to the landscape, make separated zones while keeping up the open arrangement. A long mass of common stone on the incline side gives the occupants “backing” from behind.

WALDE 2012 F04 MW

The expansive scale coating, confronting south towards the valley, opens up shifted sees on the great setting of the Kitzbühler Alps. Moveable veneer components of wood guarantee a sentiment spatial openness, while in the meantime defending the private circle of the inhabitants.

WALDE 2012 F05 MW

The multi-layered structure of the exterior and the intertwined rooms result in a complex spatial affair. The focal component of the ground floor is an open chimney which sends surplus warmth to the geothermal warmth pump and makes a comfortable air.

WALDE 2012 F06 MW

As a cutting edge difference to the natural materials of wood and characteristic stone, the roof in the ground floor is made of uncovered cement. In the rooms, oak wood rules the floors and the roofs. The terraced rooftops with their expansive anticipating shelters give the building the character of an open structure installed in the scene with a board like structure. The interconnected internal rooms are further extended by liberal patios without edges.

WALDE 2012 F07 MW

The west-bound porch, which extends the living territory, “influences” over the stream along the western edge of the site and subsequently makes ideal utilization of the restricted space. The parking space’s top (which adjusts to the road) is changed into some piece of the patio nursery through planting and is not noticeable from inside of the house. The southern piece of the cellar is constructed as a living and working range and is ideally lit from the south.

WALDE 2012 F08 MW

The long way between the road/parking space and the cellar (which is lit from above), serves as a craftsmanship space for pictures and figures.

WALDE 2012 F09 MW WALDE 2012 F10 MW WALDE 2012 F11 MW WALDE 2012 F12 MW WALDE 2012 F13 MW WALDE 2012 F14 MW WALDE 2012 P01 WALDE 2012 P02 WALDE 2012 P03 WALDE 2012 P04 WALDE 2012 P05 WALDE 2012 P06

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