SOL House by Alexander Brenner Architects

SOL House by Alexander Brenner Architects

Architects: Alexander Brenner Architects
Location: Stuttgart, Germany
Year: 2013
Photo courtesy: Zooey Braun

The property is situated on a regular Stuttgart private road on a slope with structures for the most part from the 1930s. The house takes the grittiness and the size of the cubic neighboring “Stuttgarter Coffee processors”, yet is to a great extent shut towards the road because of cutting edge living needs. Bordering rooms and zones are adjusted to the road and found for the most part on the upper floor, requiring no windows.


Projections and breaks, the cantilevered rooftop board and the distinctive surface materials, which are proceeded in the finishing, make a striking and nuanced picture for urban clients – an effective and significant picture that in the transaction of different light circumstances and daytimes obtains the capacity to draw interest. A lengthened carport and connecting rooms are contained in a piece which slides directly underneath to house. This mass shields the greenery enclosure to general society space.


The house opens with every living space down the slant to the woods in the south. The normal territories, for example, kitchen, feasting and living region are on the ground floor. The upper level is saved for visitors or more just for the folks. By utilizing the cross incline both the ground floor and the hidden greenery enclosure level have direct access toward the southeastern patio nursery. The greenery enclosure level is the area of the kids, additionally a sauna and unwinding room are set here.


The cantilevered southeastern rooftop and anticipating, consistent loggias on the upper and the greenery enclosure level give warm protection in summer, and consider latent sunlight based increases at the low-lying winter sun. The whole house is warmed by a geothermal framework. The boiling point water and the warming of the pool is given by sun based warm vitality. The required power is supplied by a photovoltaic framework.


To dodge plastics and composite materials, the whole building was outlined as strengthened cement with circulated air through solid outside dividers in distinctive measurements (36.5 cm, 49 cm to 60.5 cm). Along these lines a warm protection composite framework could be maintained a strategic distance from. The rooftop is protected with 30cm froth glass. The whole inside outline, all installations and bureau surfaces were arranged as a fundamental piece of the general structural planning and were specially designed for this house. The greenery enclosure and arranging were additionally arranged by the designer.

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