Châteaubriand house by Anik Peloquin Architecte

Châteaubriand house by Anik Peloquin Architecte

Architects: Anik Peloquin Architecte
Location: Montreal, Canada
Year: 2011
Area: 1,378 sqft / 128 sqm
Photo courtesy: Alberto Biscaro

The earth of this previous stationmaster house has fundamentally changed in late decades. On the west side, the railroads have offered path to a major park with trees that have following developed. On the east side, there is presently a suspended parkway that slices through the city. The remodel and extension of this property fits into this changed setting.


In the front, on the east side, the block veneer is basic and realistic. It keeps up the first openings. Maybe obscure, it ensures the security of the inhabitants. The insertion of some wooden supports is a sign of this present property’s change.


The back veneer confronts west and the recreation center. The wood siding wins and is in amicability with the characteristic environment. The new development volume incorporates the lounge area and the deck. The railing is an augmentation of the wood siding.


The new windows shed loads of normal light and permit inhabitants to exploit the recreation center’s vegetation and adult trees. Noticeable from the passageway, this urban nature is a basic piece of the property’s busiest normal spaces.


Just a short separation far from the expressway, this remodeled property will permit its tenants to inhabit the heart of nature and exploit its varieties consistently.

Châteaubriand-house-by-Anik-Peloquin-Architecte-05 Châteaubriand-house-by-Anik-Peloquin-Architecte-06 Châteaubriand-house-by-Anik-Peloquin-Architecte-07 Châteaubriand-house-by-Anik-Peloquin-Architecte-08 Châteaubriand-house-by-Anik-Peloquin-Architecte-09 Châteaubriand-house-by-Anik-Peloquin-Architecte-10 Châteaubriand-house-by-Anik-Peloquin-Architecte-11 Châteaubriand-house-by-Anik-Peloquin-Architecte-12 Châteaubriand-house-by-Anik-Peloquin-Architecte-13

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