Two Conesa Houses located in Buenos Aires by BAK Arquitectos

Two Conesa Houses located in Buenos Aires by BAK Arquitectos

Architects: BAK Arquitectos
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Year: 2013
Area: 4,768 sqft / 443 sqm
Photo courtesy: Daniela Mac Adden

The commission was proposed by individuals from two families who shared a tight and profound parcel in Colegiales, a region of the city of Buenos Aires which is changing as an aftereffect of the critical measure of multifamily lodging constructed lately, however which still keeps up certain area qualities.


The clients built up both a system and greatest expenses for every home and in addition the area of each of the units in the part: one in front and one behind, both with a yard and pool.


The required materials and structure were reliable with what we have characterized in a few of the houses constructed by the workplace: basic volumes of uncovered cement, with least upkeep after some time, and liberal openings to encourage a smooth inside and outside relationship.


Another necessity was the requirement for the venture to show up adequately shut to the general population expressway or to guarantee the wellbeing of both houses. Likewise, the undertaking ought to permit stopping for no less than four autos.


The proposition was characterized with the choice to discharge the ground floor of the first unit to permit a smooth section to the back unit and take into consideration the required parking spots.


From this choice we composed an arrangement of two houses that accomplish autonomy from their area in arrangement and in segment from their yards.


Every house is composed in a smaller volume of two levels to discharge however much ground as could be expected. The principle rooms are situated towards the back looking for the north and administration spaces are planned toward the veneer (on account of the front unit) accomplishing the required mistiness as for the road and, in the back unit, away from any detectable hindrance space produced between the two assembled volumes.


The assembled mass that decides every unit is punctured so that a little yard is planned, giving twofold ventilation and lighting impacts to all situations, presenting vegetation inside the house.

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