Fish House by Guz Architects

Fish House by Guz Architects

Architects: Guz Architects
Location: Singapore
Year: 2009
Area: 7,814 sqft / 726 sqm
Photo courtesy: Patrick Bingham-Hall

This cutting edge tropical cottage exemplifies the embodiment of living in the hot and sticky atmosphere of Singapore by making open spaces which energize common ventilation and offer inhabitants perspectives to the sea.


The principle outline idea is to make a house which has cozy association with nature and this is accomplished by having a swimming-pool connecting the house with the scene and at last visual associations with the ocean. The thought of association is fortified by having the cellar level media-room with a u-formed acrylic window which permits diffuse regular light in furthermore perspectives out into the pool. The bended rooftops, which symbolizing the ocean waves, additionally accentuate the thought of the close-by ocean. These are completely secured with meager bendable photovoltaic boards sufficiently supplying vitality to the house, while the remaining zone is utilized as a green rooftop giving occupants some outside relaxation spaces.


Fish House is a humble but then rich private configuration which gives inhabitants chances to live in amicability and serenely with nature.

Fish-House-3 Fish-House-4 Fish-House-5 Fish-House-6 Fish-House-7 Fish-House-8 Fish-House-9 Fish-House-10 Fish-House-11 Fish-House-12 Fish-House-13 Fish-House-14 Fish-House-15 Fish-House-16 Fish-House-17 Fish-House-18

Fish-House-19 Fish-House-20 Fish-House-21

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